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Men's and Women's Overalls
La Salopette creations
Unique piece, exclusive to La Salopette®


  • Black Corduroy Overalls : These black corduroy overalls are a piece of jewelry. Its thick velvet ( 320 gms ) offers all the comfort necessary for an elegant and casual outfit. 🖤
  • Classic Men's Jean Overalls : A fashion must-have. Comfortable and versatile, it adapts to all occasions and always remains trendy. 👖
  • Classic Sailor Overalls : Timeless and charming , they can be worn with elegance in all circumstances, reminiscent of gentle sea breezes and adventure at sea. ⚓️
  • Ikigaï Denim Overalls : With its vintage logo on the bib, it embodies the very essence of La Salopette and is a true must-have for fashion lovers.

Les Créations La Salopette® creations are available and delivered to your home in 2 to 3 working days .

Salopette avec l'étiquette
Salopette en Jean
Salopette Velours Grise
Unique creations! 🇫🇷

Always with the aim of surprising, the La Salopette team took up the challenge of revisiting its emblematic classics . From corduroy overalls to vintage denim, our team of stylists put their hands to work to enhance the most remarkable pieces from our collection. Each creation is a limited edition, representing the best of our know-how.

Each piece is carefully crafted and represents a limited edition , guaranteeing our customers unparalleled exclusivity in their wardrobe.