A fan of rivers, the Waders de Pêche is here! 🎣

Discover our selection of Fishing Waders , designed to keep your legs and feet dry during your fishing trips. We offer you waders in different sizes and materials , such as neoprene , PVC and rubber . With features like handy pockets, adjustable straps and non-slip booties. 🌊

For optimal discretion, opt for the Hunting Wader! 🌳

If you are a hunter, our selection of Hunting Waders is made for you. Our suits are designed to keep your feet and legs dry, which is essential when hunting in wet areas . With their camouflage khaki appearance, you are sure to remain discreet and blend in with the decor.

In summer, it's the Breathable Waders ☀️

Our Breathable Waders are designed to keep you dry while allowing your skin to breathe , making them ideal for hot weather fishing or hunting trips. Made from high quality materials such as Gore-Tex, or neoprene, our breathable waders provide protection against water while preventing excessive sweating .

Stay warm with Neoprene Waders ❄️

If you are looking for comfortable and warm waders for your fishing or hunting trips in cold water, our Neoprene Waders are made for you. Made from soft and flexible materials, our Neoprene Waders are designed to keep your feet and legs dry while providing maximum thermal insulation . Our neoprene wetsuits are available in different thicknesses to suit different water temperature levels.

We hope that our selection of fishing and hunting waders meets your needs and that you find the model that best suits your activity.