6 Stars in Overalls

Reliable, durable and damn stylish , we all love dungarees. Whether you're a fan of the workwear revival or a fan of the 90s, dungarees are a must-have piece of fashion, but what do we know about them? We teach you a little lesson in the humble dungarees and show you our favorite dungarees fashion moments.

Agricultural Overalls

1 - When were overalls created?

The dungarees had several births, this garment was already used by in a Hindi village in the 17th century which was updated by A. Lafont in France and Levi-Strauss in the United States during the 19th century. With the progress in textiles, they were able to make overalls more resistant and suitable for the work of craftsmen. The formerly "Dungri" which takes the name of the Hindi village of the same name has given way to overalls as we know them today.

Farmer Overalls

Passing through all social and professional classes, overalls have had many media appearances , whether worn by craftsmen on construction sites in Manhattan or Paris, in American rap clips, in advertisements or on a star during his career. concert.

It began to transcend the realms of manual labor when worn by Hollywood royalty , John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, and even Judy Garland, turning the jumpsuit into a desirable garment .

2 - 6 stars, 6 styles, 6 overalls

It's time to show you how 6 personalities who marked the 90s put forward a garment with a distinguished character .

1. Elton John

Elton John Bavette

It seems that the popularity of overalls and Elton John have resurfaced at the same time, but this isn't the first time the two have intertwined. Elton John is actually no stranger to overalls, which he wore until the early 90s in a perfectly glam-rock style .

2. Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston Jumpsuit

This image of Whitney Houston appears to have been taken yesterday. Straight out of current street style trends, Whitney rocks overalls with a Champion sweatshirt and fanny pack. Not only do overalls never go out of fashion , but Whitney also shows that fashion is quick to make the rounds.

3. Princess Diana

Princess Diana in Overalls

Yes, it's true, overalls are for princesses too! Forget posing for your royal ermine and crown portraits when you could rock the pastel 80s look in light denim overalls!

4. Ronnie Wood

Ronnie Wood Overalls

Ronnie shows us how to rock in dungarees in the classic 70s style. Take a more fitted dungarees and team it with a vintage t-shirt and trainers. Mule is optional.

5. TLC vs. NSYNC

Group in Overalls

The 90s wouldn't be the same without a band in overalls. Pick a group and we guarantee there will be a time when they wear overalls in unison . Two of our favorite bands are TLC and NSYNC . No matter the color or size of your overalls, they will always be in style .

6. Dexys Midnight Runners

Rocker dungarees

It's impossible to talk about super overalls without mentioning the Dexys Midnight Runners . Drawing inspiration from the Irish working class, they described their style as an "off the farm look". With knit layers and a sash at the waist, the "farmhouse look" can be pretty cool.

Overalls have stood the test of time , from the simple piece of 17th-century fabric to the utilitarian, ultra-cool garment worn by everyone from royalty to railroad workers . This garment is timeless and still has many surprises in store for us.

Mechanic Overalls

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