How to Wash and Care for Overalls?

If you work in a cold environment, you know how much you depend on your winter work clothes to stay warm and comfortable in your overalls. This is what makes La Salopette with suspenders a classic: They are ultra warm, ultra comfortable and ultra resistant. But remember that even the toughest clothes need to be looked after . How can you ensure that your overalls stay in good condition and last for years?

Our overalls are easy to care for because we know you don't have time to waste on high-maintenance workwear. Our work dungarees are actually incredibly easy to clean in a standard washing machine and we have some simple tips for caring for your dungarees that will help them be the comfortable and reliable workwear you need.

Wash Overalls

1 - What is the correct way to wash overalls?

First, know that you probably don't need to wash them that often unless they're extremely dirty, just like you would with jeans. Normally, you only need to wash clothes every two or three weeks. And when you do, just follow these simple instructions

1 - 1. Wash at low temperature

Wash your dungarees by yourself if you can in water at less than 40°C. (This is about the "cold" setting of most washers, although some may be a bit hotter, so be careful). We also recommend that you use a classic mild detergent .

1 - 2. Tumble dry low

After washing, put your overalls in the dryer for up to 10 minutes , on the lowest heat setting. This is not for drying the dungarees, but for drying areas such as the straps. Again, only use the lowest setting and check every few minutes that the insulation is not clumping.

Turn your overalls inside out and fasten the clasps. If you don't fix them, the clasps will wear out unnecessarily and the dryer will make noise. Turning La Salopette inside out further protects the clasps by placing a layer of fabric between them and the dryer wall.

1 - 3. Air dry

Dry your overalls on an outdoor clothesline. It takes longer, but it's safer for the material of your overalls. Alternatively, a fan can help you get the job done faster.

Turn your overalls inside out and close the clasps. This will prevent La Salopette from being bleached by the sun . Flatten your overalls to their normal shape. Smooth out the folds of La Salopette to minimize subsequent ironing. Tie your overalls to the clothesline inside out. By tying them by the legs, you will hide any stretch caused by hanging on the clothesline. Let them hang until they are dry.

Drying is an often overlooked step in garment care. How you dry your clothes may be more important than the temperature or setting you washed them on. Clothes need to be dried in different ways , and overalls are no exception. If you want to ensure that they will serve you for many years, there are several ways to dry them to minimize wear.

Any last advice? Be sure to check all the pockets and there are some. Many of our dungarees have one or two chest pockets, two side pockets and two rear trouser pockets, so check them all out!

Drying Overalls

2 - What should you avoid doing to maintain overalls?

Even clothes as durable as overalls can deteriorate if they are improperly cleaned.

- Never dry clean your overalls . Many people think dry cleaning is safer and more effective, but it's not safe for all types of clothes. Dry cleaning makes overalls wear faster, which means they won't last you as long.

- Do not dry your overalls at high temperatures . The heat from a normal dryer will start to damage the insulation of our clothes after about 10 minutes.

- Finally, do not wash your overalls more often than necessary . As we said above, once every one or two weeks, depending on how often you wear it, is enough for most people. Some people may need to wash them more often if they tend to get a lot dirty at work, but this will shorten the life of La Salopette.

A few minutes of work every week will be enough for your overalls to be beautiful, comfortable and durable . If you need to remove a little everyday dirt without having to do a full wash cycle, a damp cloth will do.

With a little care, your overalls can continue to provide reliable protection for years and years. Keep our tips in mind and your dungarees will thank you !


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