The English Overalls

There are very few outfits that fit many jobs, be it casual or formal. Overalls are one of them, with trousers attached to a bib, a complete but simple style of clothing. You can wear it any time of the year, casual or dressy. People in different trades, such as painters, laborers, plumbers, engineers and many more, also wear overalls. Having its roots in India, this style has traveled from one continent to another and thus all over the world .

1 - How did Overalls Become Trendy in England?

Both the word and the outfit originated in India. In the early years of the 16th century, the Indian word Dungri was transformed into dungaree by the English to adapt it to their language. Initially, sailors wore this dress, which they made from the old sails of ships. Then farmers and other skilled workers started wearing it because of its durability. Subsequently, factory workers, both men and women, found it comfortable in the workplace. Then, from the British, the dungarees style spread all over the world. In addition to being a work outfit, it has gradually become a fashion outfit. Overalls have been fashionable several times. Each mode repeats itself after a decade. In the 60s and then in the 90s, the dungarees were at the height of fashion , and today, after a decade, the dungarees are again in the limelight.

Famous brands from England:

Many famous clothing and clothing brands have made them. Most brands prefer cotton jeans or overalls . Because this fabric is durable and flexible . They are simple and easy to wear. You can go anywhere with or without any accessories. Some of the famous English clothing brands are:

- Hammons and Co


- Oliver Spencer

-Stella McCartney

-Paul Smith

Women's English Denim Dungarees

2 - Famous personalities from England wearing overalls

Many famous English personalities have worn overalls. Photographers have photographed them in different styles. Whether it's street clothes or a more formal look, they try whatever they want. The style of famous artists shows how to wear overalls in England.

2.1 - Kate Moss

Kate Moss is an iconic British model and businesswoman. She knows the nuances of fashion. She paired blue denim overalls with a white tee and white coat. A blue cap and sunglasses added spice to her look.

2.2 - Emma Watson

A girl from England became a famous magician and the queen of the fashion world. She has an obvious and eccentric sense of wearing outfits. Emma Watson wore black overalls with a white t-shirt and a pair of white sneakers. She cut her hair in a ponytail with sunglasses giving her a very formal office look.

2.3 - Sophie Turner

An English actress from Games of Thrones, Sophie Turner, appeared in a streetwear outfit. She wore blue denims with white tees, keeping it simple. And other times, for a casual outing, she wore black overalls with white t-shirts paired with sneakers.

2.4 - Elton John

The world famous English musician Elton John is one of the fashion statements, has his extravagant style. He wore overalls several times and still does today. Who can forget the rocker suit with shiny stars on an off-white hued shirt and overalls? He honored his rock star look with funky white glasses and silver boots with stars on them. He also wore a classic denim one with a dark blue long-sleeved shirt and a cowboy hat , which gave him a totally unique look that he has the secret of.

2.5 - Lady Diana

Who can't remember the queen of hearts Lady Diana? She was not only a fairy tale princess, but also an enchantress with magical eyes. People still remember her for her beauty. She also wore very different colored overalls .

On another occasion, she wore light blue cotton overalls with baby pink t-shirts and almost no accessories. And both of her looks were out of this world.

British Celebrities in Overalls

3 - Different Ways to Wear Dungarees in England

In the 90s, the dungarees were at the height of their popularity, whether on television, in the series or in the streets of London, they were everywhere. But in 2021, there are no hard and fast rules. You can style your outfit according to your personality.

Here are some of our ideas:

- With basic t-shirts:

The easiest way to make dungarees your own is with a casual white tee. Black or blue overalls are very common. And a white t-shirt goes perfectly with both.

- Different types of overalls:

Overalls come in different styles and colors in the market. Here are some techniques you can choose from whether you shop online or in-store.

- Overall shorts

- Work overalls

- Loose dungarees

- With lots of pockets or buttons

You can choose to undo one or both straps , which enhances the fashionable look.

- Dungarees with turtleneck and jacket:

In winter, overalls look great with a turtleneck or black leather jackets or hoodies. Many famous artists follow this model to keep out the cold by following trends.

- Shoe ideas to be elegant in overalls:

You can wear any shoes with it. Sneakers ensure a look of choice. If sandals give you a casual summer look in overalls, simple heels can turn that casual look into an informal one.

- Accessories with overalls:

Although when wearing overalls, you should wear a minimum of accessories. The dungarees are a complete garment, an all-in-one. But if you feel like doing a bit more, then a cap, sunglasses and bracelets are perfectly fine.

4 - Why is Overalls a Timeless English Style?

There are many reasons why the English like to wear dungarees and we totally understand them.

- Easy to carry

- Versatile clothing

- Ideal for DIY

- Used for casual city wear, outings with friends and lunches.

- Simple yet elegant

- Can be worn in any season

Its history is charged and gives it a character resistant to all tests which justify its reputation as a durable garment . It is not for nothing that all generations wear them proudly at all times.

England is also at the forefront of the fashion world. Girls and boys like to experiment with style. Dungarees are back in fashion in England too. Many famous brands from England produce jeans or cotton overalls. You can combine them with many styles. If you love wearing this kind of versatile outfit, don't worry, the 90s feel is back!

British Overalls for Women

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