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Overalls, also called suspender overalls , are a type of clothing worn primarily for protection when working. This garment is commonly called "work overalls" . Denim overalls were originally invented by Levi Strauss and Jacob W. Davis at Levi Strauss & Co. in the 1890s, but evolved into the style we know today. In addition to their initial use as protective clothing in the workplace, these garments are now considered "cult" in high fashion. Streetwear has been dominated by La Salopette recently with different influences all over the world, like in Japan for example, where designers have reinterpreted the Japanese Streetwear Overalls for haute couture by making this piece an asset .

This festive season is filled with many celebrations. Be fashionable for each of them, of course. Choosing your Christmas party outfits has never been easier with an endless list of different events and dress codes. When the Christmas holidays arrive, it's time to dress up, go out and have fun . Dress casual, semi-formal, for business, a cocktail party or a festive event. The dungarees are currently fashionable and are one for all types of events.

1 - What Types of Overalls to Wear at Christmas?

Overalls have evolved over the years, and there are now several styles and colors to choose from. The traditional blue denim dungarees may remain your favourite. However, you can also consider wide leg overalls or corduroy or embrace your inner bohemian with loose, comfortable colored dungarees to watch movies at Christmas under a plaid.

Overalls come in many styles for women, men, teens, boys and girls. With the following characteristics that have been its own for more than 150 years:

- Different cuts and flaps:

The cut of your dungarees is important to play on a more relaxed and loose look or precisely something more fitted at the waist for a dressed look. Several cuts exist:

- Regular fit with straight pants (comfortable and classic)

- Loose fit (relaxed fit with plenty of room)

- Skinny cut (narrow leg, reduced leg opening, sometimes with a little stretch to allow you to walk over your feet!)

- Carrot cut , so called because its chic and unique look takes the shape of a carrot with a loose cut at the crotch and thinner and adjusted at the calves. It's a very prominent model in modern streetwear wardrobes , it perfectly highlights your latest pair of sneakers. Ideal for an outing with friends in a bar or in a party.

- Overall dress which consists of a skirt and a bib, all hung up by long straps for a practical and distinguished piece. Your legs then having a freedom of movement that you can only appreciate ladies.

The Bib with a zipped pocket, bib with button pockets or even without a pocket and so many other original models, the dungarees are emblematic and many customizations have been made to this bib integrated into the pants by adjustable straps .

- Different styles of pockets:

We generally find in work overalls five-pocket models (two waist pockets, two back pockets and a bib pocket), overalls with cargo pockets on the legs and overalls with utility pockets also called tool pocket to hang a hammer or any other tool quickly. We can find hidden pockets in the fold of the bib for example, a pocket that becomes useful when you unfasten the straps and let them fall on your crotch and highlight your favorite Christmas sweater .

Women's overalls for Christmas 2021

2 - How to Match your Overalls to your Christmas Outfit?

Now that winter has arrived , we are already starting to think about the end of year celebrations . It would be best to start planning your outfits as soon as possible for the office Christmas party or the annual winter party with friends and obviously the one with family. When choosing overalls for this period, there are a few important style tips to keep in mind. Here are some ways to stand out and stand out from the party crowd in dungarees and show off your style! Let's take a look:

- Alliance of white and gold:

Pair your overalls with white and gold separates for an easy way to dress it up for a Christmas party. Pure and distinguished, your outfit adapts to all the colors that symbolize this colorful party. With golden accessories, you can easily complete your outfit and there are many possibilities to match it with rings, necklaces, earrings and so many others.

- Glam up your look:

Pair a black lace top with high waisted overalls in a dark hue and red or gold accessories for a night out that's a little more elegant. If you want a sleek and modern look, wear your best pair of heels with finely fitted overalls.

La Salopette can easily be made glamorous with a faux fur vest and metallic purse and matching accessories.

- Wear leather and gold:

If you pair your Leather Skirt Overalls with a gold metallic tee and a cozy fur biker jacket, you'll get a chic and edgy party look. This easy party look is completed with studded flats.

Overalls Woman

- The classic Christmas jumper:

How can we talk about the end of the year without mentioning the knitted sweaters that we all have in the back of our closet. There's always a way to update it to keep the Christmas spirit in style. Denim dungarees with a color to match your woolen sweater for a kitsch look at those casual end of the year parties wearing your favorite sweater. It's easy to make this look work for a family party and office party with the right accessories.

A last word, you can always wear overalls whatever the event, for Christmas dinner, to watch movies the day before by the fireplace. It is the only garment that is suitable for men, women and children. They will allow you to feel at ease and comfortable to enjoy these precious moments with your loved ones.

Black Christmas Overalls

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