Christmas Overalls 2022

The dungarees were the must-have item of clothing this year. She made her big comeback on the catwalks and with the stars… And this is only the beginning!

Indeed, for a few years now, the latter has regained its place as a must-have in the wardrobes of men and women. Whether in denim, canvas or velvet, the latter is a sensation among young and old.

For the end-of-year celebrations, nothing better to please your loved ones, or yourself, than opting for ultra-trendy dungarees that you can wear day and night!

In this article, special Christmas overalls 2022 , we invite you to rediscover this outfit from a new angle, with, in addition, outfit ideas for the holidays!

1 - I want overalls for Christmas 2022!

“Dear Santa Claus, this year, I have been good, and as a present for Christmas, I want overalls”! You don't have to be 5 years old to choose your Christmas present, right?

Just like the little black dress for women, and the white shirt for men, overalls are ideal for all occasions. It goes perfectly with different types of accessories and suits all body types.

Therefore, it is not excluded that you receive one for Christmas... And why not, that you offer one of our sublime models for one of your loved ones!

But before going any further, a little history lesson!

1.1 - Where did the first overalls come from?

Many people may not know it, but the very first overalls were created in Lyon, by the famous Louis Lafont , who we know today through Maison Lafont , THE reference in terms of professional clothing. .

Louis Lafont therefore made the first piece of clothing similar to overalls ; a kind of high-waisted pants with a pocket, very practical for working. The latter had designed it for his carpenter father-in-law, and it was in 1844. Later, it was his grandson Adolphe, who improved the model by adding the straps and the protection (bib) in front .

First Levis Overalls

It has therefore been more than a century and a half that this garment, basically utilitarian, accompanies men and women in their trades and their daily activities.

Like the French version, the denim overalls of the 20th century , we owe it to Levi Strauss , the iconic master of denim. It was also reserved for manual workers, before being democratized and considered "everyday clothing", then adopted by fashion people, making it fashionable, glamorous and chic .

2 - Back to the future: the 2022 overalls!

As you will have understood, our dear jumpsuit with straps has a magnificent past, which it has been dragging for generations, to finally land in your dressing rooms and/or under the 2022 Christmas tree!

Solid, practical and chic at the same time, the 2022 dungarees respect their ancestors, while following the trends of current fashion . Thus, the new trendy cuts and the materials used, make it THE must-have for all wardrobes.

Moreover, French and international icons such as Jennifer Lopez, Estelle Lefébure, Blake Lively or Lisa from Blackpink understood this well, and very quickly adopted it in their daily lives AND during social outings.

Much more than a simple “practical” outfit, this jumpsuit inspired by overalls adapts to all body types . Whether you are big or small... Whether you wear S or XL, it will very quickly become your favorite outfit, which will cause a sensation among those around you.

3 - Overalls 2022: there's something for everyone!

The utilitarian side of the dungarees and its multiple pockets, gives it the status of incomparable clothing, halfway between a jumpsuit and high-waisted pants .

Moreover, like many fashionable clothes, it has adapted to its time. It is now available with cuts that adapt to all body types, but above all, to all styles!

From the straight cut to the elephant legs, via the shorts and dress version, the 2022 dungarees shine with their originality; because with just one piece, you can make dozens of different outfits.

Here is for you, a selection of 4 models of the most fashionable dungarees of the moment!

3.1 - The classic and unbeatable 2022 overalls

Timeless, its denim fabric and its straight cut are the two elements that come to mind when we think of overalls.

The classic 2022 model is perfect in all circumstances. Day or night, summer or winter, it goes just as well with a sailor top and trainers as with a black turtleneck and ankle boots.

Men's denim overalls

3.2 - Velvet overalls

The essential ribbed fabric has also made a comeback in the fashion world. Chic, but not too much, velvet overalls are clearly one of the key pieces to have this winter. It is also available in different models, and is suitable for both men and women.

If you have a teenager at home, nothing better to introduce them to the beauty of velvet!

3.3 - Glam-chic

For a more polished style, you can opt for sober, black dungarees, with a cut that adapts to your morphology ( see our size guide ).

For a slightly more chic tone, you can accessorize your outfit by opting for heels, golden jewelry, the famous Gold Touch, and a pretty felt hat! Perfect to spend the most beautiful Christmas evenings 2022.

3.4 - Baggy dungarees, 90s spirit

For those nostalgic for the 90s, the women's and men's baggy dungarees are ideal for shining on a night out with friends.

Suitable for all body types, baggy pants have also made a comeback, to the delight of Old School Rap fans. Moreover, its loose cut is perfect for Christmas shopping moments while feeling good about yourself!

Baggy Overalls

4 - Christmas 2022 overalls

As you know, fashion changes… And the jumpsuit, like any other garment, evolves according to the influences of the moment. For the fall-winter 2023 season, it is indisputably the velvet dungarees that win hands down.

As we indicated above, the combination of velvet and vintage accessories will be the perfect outfit for the end-of-year celebrations.

For women, you can opt for the vintage model with buttons on the sides, or for the velvet dress dungarees , perfect with a beautiful mohair sweater and leather moccasins, to play on the 70s side.

The velvet model for men matches super well with a beautiful lumberjack-style check shirt and leather boots... The ideal look for looking for firewood!

For their part, teenagers also have a choice in this area, with the velvet short dungarees , to be accessorized with pretty flashi-coloured ankle boots.

5 - How and where to wear Christmas 2022 overalls?

We are at a time when fashion adapts to our daily lives. Just go out to see the looks worn by young and old… Because, yes, fashion is no longer dedicated only to fashionistas!

So you want to wear overalls for the holidays? Great choice, and here's why!

During the day, to do your Christmas and New Year's Eve shopping, there's nothing like the blue jeans model, full of ultra-practical pockets, for going out shopping or going out with friends or family.

You are invited for Christmas Eve, and you are looking for what to wear? How about a nice velvet dungarees, sober and chic at the same time . Below you can opt for a red turtleneck, party atmosphere, while playing on very conspicuous accessories. You can go… it's the holidays!

New Year's Eve is coming... Don't panic! The high-waisted model can also be your ally for a cozy evening or to go out to party. Its cut is practical and ideal for dancing, moving and moving about lightly... The key is to properly accessorize your Outfit.

For women, high heels and golden accessories, and why not a nice hat, just to show off your outfit. For men, a black turtleneck, ends and you're done.

You will therefore have understood that the 2022 Christmas overalls will be the must-have for the holidays, but also and above all, THE perfect gift to put under the tree. 🎄

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