The Handyman's Overalls

Isn't it a bit fanciful that one person can take care of anything that's torn, worn, or even brand new? Yes, this person is a jack of all trades . A handyman is a specific person who can repair and perform small to large tasks. This can be you or someone else you hire to do repairs. But primarily, a handyman is a term used to refer to a person employed to perform a service or benefit.

On the other hand, "do-it-yourself" is the most appealing term for doing one's chores, fixing things in one's house, or using oneself and one's hands to repair, create, or make . Yes, you can do everything by yourself. You might have seen many videos and tips on YouTube to do different repairs and tasks. Push away the lazy worm in you and start fixing things on your own.

Handyman Work Overalls

1 - Handyman Overalls

If you know DIY, you should know the importance of a practical and comfortable outfit. Because DIY requires total concentration and a relaxed mind. Only a cool and calm mind can generate ideas. This can only happen if you are comfortable with your outfit. This is why do-it-yourselfers most often like to wear overalls .

Handymen generally work in overalls. It is a kind of symbol or work outfit of a handyman. The fabric is mostly cotton, as it is strong and durable.

You must be wondering why overalls? The handyman's dungarees are usually loose cut to ensure comfort on all occasions, with a central pocket on the bib and many other useful storage spaces .

In addition, the handyman must wear gloves, a helmet and safety boots. Overalls are part of the set of dress codes. Instead of buying specific jackets, work aprons or tool belts, you can combine them all just with your famous coveralls .

The extra-large pockets are the main extensions of La Salopette. You can place different tools like pliers, hammers, nuts, bolts, etc. It saves your time and you can easily do your job with all the tools in hand. On our work overalls you can also find a loop where you can hang your hammer or pliers.

Diy Overalls

2 - Why Overalls For a Handyman?

Those are the best outfits to wear during work. Do-it-yourselfers, painters, engineers, people working in industry make this overalls an essential tool . The loose shape allows DIYers to work comfortably while fixing toilets, ceiling fans, mental shelves, laying tiles, bending down and moving around easily. There are many tasks a handyman can perform, such as:

- Laying tiles

- Fix kitchen pipes

- Repair the lights

- Renovation or remodeling of a bathroom or a room in the kitchen.

- Fix all the things that don't work

- Repair of broken windows or doors

- Install carpet

You can also do all of these things on your own, but if you can't do it for some reason, you need to hire a specialist. They gave us their opinion on the work clothes which for them is a real plus that should not be overlooked, these advantages are:

- it is easy to wear

- it is comfortable

- it is a sign of professionalism.

- It can be worn alone or over clothing.

- It can withstand all grease stains and other spills.

Also, you can wear a belt if you need tools to hang on your waist for convenience.

Imagine that you are repairing your light fixtures. You are on a ladder and your arm is stretched out to do your job. Or you bend over to fix the kitchen drain. So doing any job, on the whole, gives you the flexibility to do the job effectively.

All of these reasons make overalls the best piece of equipment for the do-it-yourselfer.

Overalls for DIY

3 - DIY Overalls

As men are masters at repairs, women are also great at tinkering with different things. For women, dungarees are not just work clothes, they can also be a sign of fashion.

What is not possible to do yourself at home? You can even create your outfit by yourself. We had a feedback from one of our customers, passionate about this garment with its singular charm, who gave us an experience that had happened to her. He wanted to redo the interior of his apartment but did not have the appropriate outfit for it and not wanting to damage his wardrobe, he took over the elements that make overalls a perfect tool for all handymen. Here's how:

1 - Buy the necessary materials:

You need to buy or gather all the materials you need to have a working suit. You need to :

- Cloth or old jeans

- A model to follow

- Scotch tape

- Scissors

- A heavy sewing machine

- Sewing thread

- Buttons

- Loop

- Chalk

There is no need to go to the store to buy anything as most of these things are available at home. For fabric, denim is the best choice.

2 - Take action:

Take measurements from different angles of your body and write them down on paper. If you are using your old jeans, you can exclude the leg measurements.

3 - Cut the pattern:

Many different patterns are available on the market. Pick one you like. Read and follow all instructions on the pattern. Start cutting your pattern according to your measurements.

4 - Start sewing:

Once you've finished cutting the pattern, place your pattern on the fabric, and cut your fabric, leaving an extra half-inch for seam allowances. Start sewing the parts of the fabric. You need to hem the foot and the waist of the suit. Assemble the part of the plastron to the side of the waist. Repeat the process on the front and back. The pockets are the essential elements of La Salopette. Don't forget to add pockets on both sides of La Salopette.

5 - Assemble the straps:

Make long straps that will hold the front bib side to the back of the dungarees. You can sew the loops with the bib. Also sew buttons on the front of the fabric. These are the basic steps. The result will surprise you. You did it yourself. Try it on and look in the mirror to check the size.

To make it a little more elegant, you can add buttons on the sides of the waist. The color of the suit is also very important. You are free to choose any color for your fabrics, this story is that of Adolphe Lafont , a visionary Lyonnais who is behind the creation of these overalls. It is with this in mind and by following the practical and comfortable side of this garment that each of our work overalls is perfectly designed for each handyman, professional or Sunday worker. The important thing is to occupy these ten fingers while having fun.


You want to do projects, repairs, renovations by yourself or hire a handyman; overall, if you tinker or if the professional in charge of this task does not wear overalls, it is because he is not comfortable working well and therefore it is important to advise him as soon as possible, the best work clothes . Besides domestic work, many industries also prefer to wear this overalls. It is reusable and easily washable.

Create Work Overalls

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