Overalls, from the Professional World to Fashion

Dungarees , once considered childish or reserved for the "poor" social classes, have been all the rage from the 1970s until now in the fashion world. Made up of materials ranging from denim to corduroy , countless pockets and unparalleled comfort , there's nothing quite like it. Currently, overalls are often in the limelight as celebrities and college students proudly wear them for lounging, painting and skating throughout their lives. Despite their growing popularity, overalls have had to overcome a history of stigma to regain their place in the trendiest wardrobes.

1 - The Evolution of the Salopette

The phenomenon of overalls dates back to the 1750s, when they were first adopted by farmers and sailors as protective clothing for rigorous manual labor . Initially, fledgling versions of these overalls were known as overalls. In the 1870s, Levi Strauss, a German immigrant and founder of Levi Strauss & Co. in San Francisco, began mass-producing overalls, propelling their beloved utility and comfort into working-class homes across the country.

Since their appearance, overalls have captured the attention of media and popular culture. In the 1940s, they became a symbol of the indomitable spirit of the American worker. During the Second World War, the emblematic character of Rosie the Riveter even donned overalls to show her support for the efforts of female factory workers, an image that helped highlight the social and protest side of this timeless garment.

Gradually, the professional look that surrounds La Salopette began to take on a look that was diverted from what we could know until then.

According to an article in the Daily Beast, "Overalls have always been the outfit of choice for workers and their tools." Naturally, this damaging sentiment has forced this overalls to take a long hiatus from the fashion scene .

Origin Work Overalls

2 - The Opinions of 3 Overalls Adepts

Years later, La Salopette have woken up from their hibernation to join the ranks of daring stylists, artists and anyone else looking to give their wardrobes a stylish and distinguished boost.

Lana, who earned a bachelor's degree in business economics and is now a merchandising assistant, told us about her initial hesitations before buying her first overalls.

When I thought of someone who wore overalls back then, I was like, 'I'm not five, I'm not going to wear overalls,' she said.

Eventually, Lana was won over by the carefree appeal of La Salopette. For her, who is a fashion blogger, they fit perfectly with her modern, laid-back aesthetic .

"My style has become more sophisticated, more bohemian," Lana said. "I look really relaxed, but I put a lot of effort into it. That's exactly how I feel about dungarees. It looks like you're putting effort into what you're wearing, but they still have a really relaxed bohemian touch that I can't live without."

One of the main advantages of overalls is that they have remarkably deep and numerous pockets. Overalls lovers keep finding creative uses for these handy pockets .

"When I wear my overalls, it's usually a day when I'm in vogue," she says. "My dungarees pocket, which sits right on my sternum, is a perfect vantage point for my camera."

In addition to being at the forefront of fashion, overalls have captured the hearts of performers for their comfort, coverage, and utility . Julie, a fan of dungarees and a third-year art studio student, commented on their versatile and comfortable features.

"I really like how unisex they look because it's kind of frustrating how impractical women's clothing can be at times," Julie said. "I like to reap the benefits of certain men's clothing for my works."

When she concentrates on her art, La Salopette give her all the qualities of confidence and consideration that have become a necessity in the art studio.

"In most of my work, as I mostly do sculpture, I have to be quite flexible," Julie said. "What I wear has to adapt to a lot of things. I usually need to wear pants. I don't want to wear pants that I have to ride up all the time, that's one of the big advantages of the dungarees. It stays in place and its support is fully adjustable thanks to the straps ".

Julie also remarked that La Salopette allow her to easily transform into a mini walking storage unit. She then laughed.

“Having it all on me is definitely becoming a favorite of mine,” Julie said. "With overalls, you have all the locks. I put the keys on it. I put tools in there, whether it's nails, pliers or duct tape. I really walked with all my overalls filled pockets, like a mule".

A fundamental principle of overalls is that you don't have to be a fashionista or an artist to take advantage of the many benefits they provide, just a bit of daring. Maxence, a second-year environmental science student, also pledged to support the movement. He adopted this look when he realized that overalls had become "something that people really like".

"I think more and more people are accepting them as clothing and not work clothes," Maxence said.

Like Lana and Julie, he heavily emphasized the look of pockets and utility as key factors in his dungarees experience.

"I think they're super utilitarian, at least the ones I have, have a ton of pockets," he said.

Although originally purchased for casual use, his overalls returned to their roots when he was employed on a farm last summer.

"When I worked on an organic farm, they were really handy," he added. "I just wore boots with it and I have to say I liked the style it gave me a lot."

The different dungarees that Lana, Julie and Maxence talk about embodies the true character of dungarees . After overcoming stereotypes, they have re-emerged to bring much-needed comfort and shine to everyday activities. Let anyone who dares to try overalls wear them and keep wearing them unnoticed for years to come.

The Evolution of La Salopette

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