La Salopette in Autumn

Have you ever tried an outfit that is perfect for the fall season? Yes, you guessed it right. It's nothing but overalls. A single piece of fabric is complete in itself. Although you don't have to wait for a specific season to wear overalls. Buy one or two, and they'll be enough for spring, summer, winter, and fall . An all-in-one dress that you can put on for lunch with your friends, for a night out, for a cultural outing, or even for crafts or other household chores.

1 - The Benefits of Fall Overalls

If we talk about autumn, many colors come to mind, yellow, orange, red, brown , and different shades among these. Autumn offers us a fashion season full of colors as we can find in nature during this period, you will find in our collection of colorful overalls everything you need for each season. But the good news is that there are no restrictions on wearing overalls in the fall . This has many advantages:

- It keeps your body warm.

- You feel comfortable.

- You can wear it as you like.

- This is the best dress option for any occasion.

- You can do your household chores or DIY easily.

- La Salopette go perfectly with all types of clothing . From flats to heels, sneakers to ankle boots, you're spoiled for choice.

- The unique weave of our overalls is strong and durable .

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2 - The Shades to Adopt for Fall

You can try several color combinations in the season of falling leaves. It is not essential to wear yellow-orange and red, but whatever makes you happy. Here are some examples of shades that will go well in this season.

2.1 - Brown dungarees

Overalls in a brown hue look smart and stylish with off-white knitted sweaters. You can experiment with lined long-sleeved white shirts . Have you ever tried self-printed gray sweaters with rust-colored overalls? Try this combination, and you'll feel the vibes of the season. You can also invert the color combination. Choose a rust-colored shirt with dark blue overalls. This is the best combination that will also highlight your overall look.

2.2 - The Olive Green Dungarees

Olive dungarees allow you to adapt your look to the season . You can pair oversized black or blue garments to give the green dungarees a modern, up-to-date style.

2.3 - The Off-White Dungarees

The off-white color is something that is four times seasonal. In the fall, you can pair any color with off-white overalls – different shades of orange and green look stunning with off-white overalls. It's the ideal dungarees with bright colors, perfect for a colorful autumnal wardrobe.

2.4 - The inevitable vitaminized yellow dungarees

Although it is a rare combo, for the more confident and daring who try it. Princess Diana has been photographed wearing yellow dungarees with a pastel colored shirt and we are seeing more and more of this dungaree on the streets of hip capitals. Modernized, the cut of the dungarees adapts to everyone, whether streetwear, vintage, chic, and many others.

2.5 - Classic Denim Overalls

The classic blue or black denim overalls go with any shirt, jumper, jacket and hoodie. You can even wear it alone. But the best combination for this season would be a blue or white crop top with black or blue overalls.

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3 - How to Wear Overalls in Autumn?

There is a certain sadness in autumn, and maybe you feel it too. Your clothing style has a lot to do with the trends you will adopt in the fall. Before styling overalls in the fall, remember that the cold is coming in this season and heralds the end of summer. You also need to keep warm . Don't worry, some of these overalls ideas will upgrade your look this fall .

1 - Black leather jackets:

Blue overalls, a white jabot and a black jacket on top, what a complete look it gives! You can also try long black boots. It will turn your simple personality into a glamorous look .

2 - Long sweaters:

Style is all about comfort. To feel comfortable , you can wear light-colored long sweaters. Gray and off-white colors will give a modern look when pairing denim overalls with light-colored clothes.

3 - Hoodies:

Wearing hoodies under overalls is also a trendy combo. You can enhance it by removing one or both straps to adapt your streetwear style to the season. Complete this look with sneakers .

4 - Loose shirts:

If you want to feel royal, loose and elegant shirts with pleats will be the best choice. The large lumberjack plaid shirt is a smart choice to fit in style at the start of evenings by the fire. You can choose light colors like baby pink, light green or off-white with dark blue overalls. Add heels to your toes and get ready to have lunch with your friends.

5 - Turtleneck sweaters:

A gray turtleneck sweater under black overalls gives a chic look . Pair your overalls with leather shoes . With this combo, you don't need to wear anything else to keep you warm during the day.

6 - Coats:

If you want to party with your friends, try coats in warm colors, over blue overalls, it's a classic! They will never fail you. A vibrant red coat over blue overalls will give you an attractive look. You can also try open hair or a knitted hat if you feel cold.

7 - The striped overalls:

Off-white shirts with striped overalls will make you feel comfortable. You can wear sneakers or flat boots to complete this look.

8 - Short overalls:

If you are brave enough to keep up with the changing weather, you can try the shorts overalls with some hot black tights . Pair it with a top or a jacket, or choose a warm shirt.

9 - The overall dress:

In a long cut and like the short overalls, the overall dress or skirt overalls can be worn perfectly with tights and ankle boots for a natural boho look !

10 - Accessories to wear with overalls in autumn:

La Salopette are a perfect dressing room in themselves. You don't need any additional accessories, but still, you can add whatever you want, like with these examples below:

- Knitted cups

Knitted beanies or headwear will make you look cuter with La Salopette. You can choose any colors you want, but light colors are comfortable to wear.

- Scarves

There are so many options in scarves. You can buy black, red or any color you want and wrap it around your neck.

- Eyeglasses

Cool and stylish glasses always add value to your overall look. You can buy glasses from any branded online store, but don't forget to consider your face shape.

- Jewelry

With a simple cut, a nice choker or pendant will look best. You can also wear a watch or lose bracelets if you like to wear them. An elegant pair of earrings will also look great with overalls.

Wearing overalls in the fall is a good choice. Due to a wide range of color combinations in fall, you can add vibrant shirts, crops, and overalls to your wardrobe.

There are no rules for wearing these big coats. But a little thought will allow you to have an awesome style . Keep in mind a few leads to follow.

- The best color combination between La Salopette and the shirt or your top.

- Type of overalls (striped, patterned, colored).

- What accessories will go with your look?

Correct use of all of these things will collectively make you ready to go anywhere with confidence in your overalls!

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