Denim Overalls, the Trend of 2021

You've seen these denim pieces before and this year we'll see a return of denim dungarees ! In this article, we want to show you some of the best ways to make those overalls look awesome. It's a flashback to the 1990s that comes back stronger than ever! We're seeing a massive reimagining of this gorgeous piece of clothing, as we're about to see plenty of exciting must-haves in different hues, washes, details, and fits . The good news is that all the streets are full of great denim overalls that have an urban chic and very special look . So why this fashion statement piece is so trendy right now and how to wear it, read on to find out!

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1 - Why is La Salopette in Jean Essential?

Personally, I love this garment for its casual style and the clash of boy and girl styles. Today's fashion is full of wonderful denim overalls that come in slightly casual models (mixed jeans, vintage denim). The best part about this old work blue is how it can be modernized and spruce up. The oversized and baggy version can be updated with necklaces, bracelets and other designs that can easily balance your look. Of course, before embellishing your denim look, it is important to choose overalls with a unique charm. It can be long, or shortened . You can find great loose designs, form-fitting styles , structured and sleek must-haves, as well as cut-out versions that show off the beauty of your tank tops. As for short models, they are ideal for emphasizing your femininity. By the way, I love seeing women creating double denim looks by pairing dungarees with cool shirts. By the way, during the cold days, I recommend you to use more layers, it will make you more chic and daring.

Denim overalls 2021

2 - What Are the Best Overalls for Women of the Moment?

Should you wear overalls or not, that question is up to you. Below we'll show you cool and trendy ways to wear them in the professional world, on the streets or on special occasions. In this collection, you'll learn tips and tricks for wearing fashionable overalls, what tops and shirts to wear underneath, and how to match them correctly.

Almost all women are afraid of looking like a 20th century worker or a small child by wearing overalls. First, you need to find overalls that fit you well. Don't go too big or too baggy, until you know how to balance the whole thing and what layers to add to keep your outfit functional and aesthetically pleasing.

If you're new to overalls, it's best to start with the classics, like denim . Those of you who are amateurs can try the leather styles. Yes, you heard that right, leather dungarees are on the rise and we know they're going to stay in style for quite a while. Their spirit is avant-garde, but they still have a touch of sweetness thanks to their authentic vintage look.

Fashion Overalls 2021

3 - What are the differences between La Salopette of 2020 and those of 2021?

The main differences are in the cuts , the patterns are bolder this year. Avoid wide cuts and opt for more fitted cuts, to stay in tune with the times. You can modernize overalls with classic sneakers, ankle boots, sandals and pumps. If you want to use La Salopette on cold days, be sure to add layers underneath, like wool sweaters and jackets. As for tops you can wear under overalls, I recommend trying bustiers, crop tops, and classic button-down shirts.

But then, why do fashion still love this garment so much? It is comfortable, more elegant than basic jeans, it is ideal for pregnant women . You may think this look is great for your everyday life, but think twice because it's perfect for night out too, just add some heels and a light blouse. There is nothing wrong with this look, because we all want to look special and creative . You are free to style La Salopette, you just need to know how to wear them correctly.

You need to add feminine accessories to your overalls, it will help you look fun and fresh. Before adding additional accessories and jewelry, be sure to keep it simple and classic . Speaking of layers, I recommend adding a basic top in a neutral color, once you know how things work you're free to pair La Salopette with printed shirts. Top layers can either be a kimono, a denim jacket to create a double denim look, a leather jacket, a bomber, a coat or a trench coat.

Denim Overalls 2021

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