The All-Weather Dungarees

Overalls, as you know, are garments with a timeless charm that we have all worn once in our lives during our childhood, or that we have seen on a construction site wonderfully put forward by craftsmen and any other trades. In this article, we are going to take an interest in its history by taking up all the qualities that have made the reputation of this overalls from yesterday to tomorrow!

1 - Yesterday's Overalls

Associated with physical and rather messy work, moving, mechanics, painting, crafts, gardening, agriculture in general, and many more, overalls have long been used for their practicality . It was a garment that allowed all the amplitudes of movement , of thick cotton supporting all the tasks and dirt of the activity practiced.

This garment was dedicated to physical tasks and adapted in its texture to the mistreatment inflicted on it. And overalls, if we only had one, could play their protective role for years and years, washed, used, soiled and rewashed again and again... Overalls for life , or almost! The physical trades were the prerogative of the male sex, few or no women exercised any professional activity, we were in the era of the housewife and those who worked remained in the dress of the day for the most part. The uniform of strength and virility had to go through La Salopette, the one we have all seen, the blue denim overalls , very often, which faded over the years but still there! The second skin of the muscular man, comfortable in his body, sure of his strength and his physique. The painter's white , which isolated stains and which showed all its protective power by the accumulation of stains of all colors as time passed for the painter to redo the walls, the facades, the edges of Windows. These overalls have contributed to our pretty home interiors, that's for sure!

Men's and Women's Overalls

Old Time Overalls

2 - Today's Overalls

Would we have put away this essential which could not have adapted to changes in mores, to female liberation, to parity? It is quite the opposite!

As much as we would not have had the idea of ​​wearing dungarees to sew, read or do our shopping at the time when dungarees were dedicated to male effort by their cut, their variation reduced to a single material, one, two, come on three different shapes, and just as few colors, so much today, we see that overalls have adapted to the passage of time and have been able to decline their shapes, their textures to best respond to the ever-increasing diversity great of our actions, our activities our occupations, and new contemporary concept, our hobbies! It has also offered itself to women, thus following this will of the century which advocates gender equality .

And yes, La Salopette are of all eras from the industrial revolution to today, of all genres, all seasons and all missions.

Is there another item of clothing that has been able to adapt to all the changes in society, so universal and so timeless? I was going to say immortal? No, there is only one , La Salopette!!!!!

So for you gentlemen, you who have worn this garment for professional purposes only, you now have the free choice to wear it in all circumstances .

Thus, for a trendy and relaxed look , you will reveal yourself in taupe-colored cotton overalls and embellish your outfit with a white shirt with a Mao collar . Don't forget to cuff the bottom of your pants to show off your ankles and enhance the little matching moccasins. You want a more laid-back tone, so just attach one suspender . La Salopette that accentuate virility will reveal the refinement that is in you and will certainly make you so seductive!

Ladies, the dungarees today are designed for you and your multiple activities. You can perfectly go to the office, in a fluid overalls , embellished with a belt, a scarf, a jewel.

With a t-shirt, a shirt, or a sweater, whatever the season , La Salopette accompany you, ensure you look perfect , and tell those around you: I am an active, dynamic and trendy woman!

It will be your best ally on vacation, by the sea, or during a bike ride. Want to garden? Never mind, opt for plain or patterned cotton overalls, turn up the bottoms of your pants, tie your hair up, don't forget the cap, and also think about all the pockets of this useful and essential item of clothing. in all circumstances !

In winter, by the fireside, in a cocooning spirit, corduroy overalls ensure comfort and well-being that will take you to the end of that book that you absolutely want to finish tonight...

Let's not forget the children! At a very young age, overalls keep little bodies warm, prevent the diaper from escaping, a detail that is important, all mums know it! It helps in learning to walk with a support and an ease that will give the assurance of the first steps of our little ones!

Older, our children discover the world, and overalls like Dad or like Mom become an unequivocal model to follow!

Modern Overalls

3 - La Salopette of Tomorrow

Certainly, it will be there, these essential overalls for all our efforts and our leisure. Workwear or evening adornment, it has found its place for all genres and all circumstances of our lives. It will be there for a long time to come and whatever our evolution, there is no doubt that it will adapt again and again! New textures? New trends? New jobs? It will anticipate all this and respond to all our developments, let's be sure!

Essential of the past, present and our future, we can easily imagine why not, smart overalls that change fabric, shape, color depending on the circumstances. Science fiction has so often caught up with us that it is not a one-night utopia.

Overalls have many good years ahead of them , and we who wear them will find all the usefulness and well-being that they have always proven.

So we see that La Salopette, dare we say it, is the only universal garment that has survived all ages without taking a wrinkle. She is the perfect example of our ability and intelligence to meet and anticipate our needs and desires.

Indispensable, timeless, useful, playful, it is there, for today and tomorrow .

Futuristic Overalls

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