Overalls and Spring

We've seen it everywhere in recent months and it's no surprise that overalls are once again a must-have in women's dressing for this spring 2021 . These many colors and all the possibilities they offer are perfect for approaching the beautiful days with a sunny dressing room.

1 - The Dungarees, the Essential of 2021

Indeed, the dungarees were a great success this winter thanks to the skirt dungarees available in different colors and patterns with a real enthusiasm for velvet.

She does not intend to stop there, this spring, La Salopette are available in classic jeans, shorts, skirts or even dresses. All the women's ready-to-wear brands offer it and it is without displeasing the many customers who are snapping it up.

Comfort, materials, style... so many assets that make dungarees a key piece of the dressing room.

The current health crisis has forced French women to stay at home and practice telework. It is therefore no surprise that the various brands have started to offer comfy ranges for even more comfort. Sweatshirts, cotton tracksuits, indoor knitwear… a range that fully matches the style of dungarees with its casual look, the freedom of movement it provides and the great feeling of comfort provided by jeans .

Women's Overalls Spring 2021

2 - The Trend of the Year, The Colored Dungarees

We proudly leave the dark colors of winter, dull and lifeless to turn to pastels . Shades of exquisite softness, which blend wonderfully with different skin tones to bring a shower of light to the faces of French women.

To come back to the term pastel, it is a masculine noun that is defined by “a pencil made from a colored paste”. Its adjective describes a soft and clear tone. The softness of pastel thanks to its flagship colors therefore takes its name well.

Without displeasing us, a rainbow of pastels has poured over the fashion world to offer clothes with luminous and soft touches.

These cheerful and optimistic colors come to denote with the current moods turned towards the ambient gloom, the nostalgia of the moments spent on the terrace to sip, the long warm and calm summer evenings. These shades therefore bring pretty colors to our wardrobe and bring pep and joy.

The crush this year is on the pastel yellow in a flash of light or even lemon tart .

Green is also very successful thanks to its variations, going from pistachio green to lagoon green , even going as far as mint-type green with water .

A true ally of jeans and therefore of overalls, pink is offered marshmallow, peach or peony.

Finally, blue takes on all its forms in softened purple or lavender blue colours.

These extremely soft shades rhyme with neutral colors tinged with optimism and happiness. Colored delicacies like water syrup that exude good humor to fully enjoy the beautiful days that are coming back.

Overalls Spring 2021

3 - Trendy Overalls

Now is the time to pair these sumptuous pastel colors with overalls.

On the cut side, we bet on crop tops available in different pastel tones.

Strappy crop top, short-sleeved, long-sleeved... wrap-around style, so many cuts that will go wonderfully under sublime overalls.

We also focus on:

  • The classic white t-shirt , which remains timeless and will go perfectly under denim overalls for a minimalist style.
  • For a COACHELLA-style festival look, we put on short or skirt overalls, embroidered or crocheted tops accessorized with numerous bracelets. A puff sleeve top can top it all off.
  • A denim shirt under black overalls with pumps or a pair of trendy sneakers will bring a very chic touch to your outfit. By day, we bet on a pair of sneakers, in the evening, we put on our heels. A 100% feminine style throughout the day.
  • The white shirt , a great classic to wear. It gives your outfit a very feminine touch under denim overalls.
  • To enhance a magnificent top with a Vichy pattern , we put on overalls on the hips.
  • A short sweatshirt with or without a hood under overalls combined with a pair of Vans or Converse will give you a 100% casual look.

On the accessories side, we throw ourselves on the colored banana bag for a festival style bordering on retro. Bracelets of different colors and materials are abused. Fun, colorful socks with many patterns will of course be welcome.

Finally, wedge sneakers, canvas, white leather ... will bring a hyper trendy style to your outfits.

With pastel everywhere, it will be easy to wear these soft hues and accessorize your outfit for maximum style in the coming months.

The 2021 summer look will rhyme with good humor and optimism.

Overalls for Women

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