The Men's Overalls in the 90's

Salopette , better known as coveralls in the 90s, is a type of clothing originally created to protect workers from dirt in their daily tasks.

Today :

The classic jumpsuit is usually dark indigo denim, but there are endless variations of fabrics to create dungarees, especially since they have evolved into a dressy item rather than something to wear to work.

But you probably still have questions:

Why were they so popular in the 90s?

During the 90s, overalls became one of the most worn garments by everyone. All generations and all social levels were concerned by the practical and authentic aspect of this garment with its raw character . Construction workers wore overalls, as did celebrities . La Salopette are comfortable and cool . It exudes a seductively natural atmosphere and is easy to shape thanks to their versatility.

1 - The origin of overalls

Overalls were invented in the 19th century , but came onto the market as a fashion item in the 1890s. Over the years, they evolved from work wear to a casual fashion staple.

The first to mass-produce them were Levi, Strauss, & Co. The first designs they released were simply jeans with suspenders . Since then, the classic dungarees, as we know it with its front bib, began to be mass-produced.

1 - 1. The 1920s and 1930s

Overalls are considered symbolic clothing and have been part of important cultural movements throughout history. In 1920, overalls were associated with the protest against rising clothing costs.

During the 1930s in the United States, overalls had become representative of low-income people who had been heavily affected by poverty. This situation was particularly common in the western United States.

Overalls Year 1930

1 - 2. The 1960s

In the 60s, the perception of overalls changed. It began to be incorporated as everyday wear rather than just a work uniform. It is particularly popular with young people and has become much more than just leisure wear.

Some high-end luxury brands have incorporated overalls into their collections and into fashion shows. Catwalks by contemporary brands like Craig Green , Per Götesson, Sunnei and Dries Van Noten have included this garment in their collections.

Premium Overalls

1 - 3. The impact in the 90s

Due to its work-related history, La Salopette offer a fashion-forward aesthetic and convey a sense of masculinity, strength and ruggedness. During the 90s, overalls became a massive trend that was popularized by rappers and many actors . They were part of the hip hop aesthetic and the grunge aesthetic.

It was so appreciated because they required little maintenance. It could be worn throughout the four seasons , with a turtleneck, a hoodie, a t-shirt, a tank top or on its own. It is worn in a loose, oversized style throughout the 90s, following the idea of ​​casual wear. Many people preferred to buy them second-hand, for example in thrift stores. This way La Salopette were more worn, had had more washes and looked slightly faded.

Overalls in the 90s

2 - How was she in the 90's?

There are overalls in all shapes and sizes, but the easiest way to change their aesthetic is in the way they are designed. While overalls adapted to many different styles and subcultures throughout the 90s, the most popular was hip hop .

This style strongly incorporated the dungarees as an inseparable garment of urban and popular culture, but with multiple different ways to wear it:

2 - 1. BCBG style

There was a way to style overalls to be part of the preppy Americana aesthetic. This was tied to the idea of ​​making money in American society, and being part of the upper class by "earning millions". It was a common practice among many rappers and songwriters.

The easiest way to create the look was to wear a striped jersey shirt under a classic dark wash jumpsuit. Accessories could include clean white sneakers and a reverse worn. Hip-hop icon 2Pac was known to favor overalls , and has been photographed wearing them in various ways throughout his career. Here he wears overalls in the preppy americana style.

Tupac in Overalls

To recreate the preppy Americana look, in a more contemporary way, pair these classic faded denim overalls with this crew neck long sleeve shirt. The look is simple to achieve, very comfortable and suitable for running errands, relaxing at home or on the street.

2 - 2. Casual style

A simple way to design dungarees incorporating sportswear was to wear a graphic tee , printed dungarees over it and accessorize it with your favorite team's baseball cap . The marriage between fashion and sport is not surprising as they go so well together.

It was important that La Salopette were too big , so that the t-shirt underneath was almost entirely visible. And if you prefer, you can undo one of the buttons that holds the bib to support the casual trend of your look. It's simply ideal for going to a big sporting event in style, or for replaying the match with your friends over a beer.

Wilfork in Overalls

2 - 3. The Classic Style

It has become one of the most recognizable fashion styles . Anyone who sees images of children or teenagers from the 90s wearing overalls, immediately knows that the image was taken in the 90s.

Will Smith's role in "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" made him an icon of 90s fashion, an icon who represented the classic youth aesthetic of the 90s. His hilarious role is certainly tied to his wardrobe and her style throughout the series.

One of the most iconic images shows him wearing overalls. He wears a clean, well-structured light blue coat , which is not as baggy and baggy as 90s trends.

Will Smith in Overalls

La Salopette are missing a button, so the bib is folded up. Underneath, he pairs the garment with a Hawaiian-style button-up shirt , and accessorizes the look with a simple black belt with silver buckles.

2 - 4. The Birth of Streetwear Culture

Overalls can also be considered street clothes . This could be done in a number of different ways, all incorporating elements of urban or hip hop fashion with overalls to create that aesthetic so beloved even today.

In a famous photo shoot, 2Pac wore a wide, dark indigo-colored bib with the printed words "Thug Life" painted in white on the center bib. Underneath, he wore a dark, oversized hooded sweatshirt. He had put on big white sneakers and a black and white hat with vertical stripes. He was known for flaunting this edgy style on numerous occasions.

2Pac Photo in Overalls

The overall look is quirky and truly represents 2Pac's ever-changing style that remained legendary even after his death. La Salopette represents the hip-hop era, urban aesthetic and African-American subculture that achieved high levels of media coverage throughout the 90s.

To emulate the urban style of streetwear, choose a large hoodie, very baggy dark overalls, a black Champion beanie and your favorite pair of white trainers. Nike Air Max 90 or Timberland for men. Classic and original!

This look is especially recommended for fall and winter, as it is suitable for colder weather conditions.

Streetwear Overalls

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