Overalls, a Protective Tool?

Coveralls can protect those who wear them to work in environments, provided the right size is chosen. All overalls do not protect the same way , you should know that. Their ability to protect depends on the design and material .

In other words, you can't just buy any type of overalls for your employees and expect it to protect them from all the elements. To be an effective defense against fire or water, the material of La Salopette must be treated in a special way . Here are some of the things a good coverall can protect you from:

- Cold

- Excessive heat

- Certain chemicals

- Fire

- Water

- Stains and splatters

- Crashes

To protect you from accidents, overalls should have high visibility properties. This means that they must have fluorescent materials and reflective strips, in accordance with safety standards.

How do you know if your dungarees meet all the standards for a specific use? You can just ask those who wear it daily!

Modern Work Overalls

1 - The Benefits of La Salopette?

Employee safety is an obligation for all employers and they must provide comfortable and appropriate work clothing to guarantee well-being and comfort in their company. In addition, La Salopette offer many other advantages.

1.1 Protection

Of course, the primary function of overalls is to protect . However, they do not only protect the body of the wearer but also these clothes. If your employees work with food, for example, their coveralls can be used to protect their everyday clothes from splashes and spills.

1.2 Temperature control

There are padded overalls that are great for cold days or night shifts. They keep their wearers warm. In the mining industry, they are particularly important because underground conditions usually involve low temperatures. On the other hand, breathable fabrics are also available for overalls.

1.3 Visibility

High visibility coveralls are important for professions that work along highways or with the public to always be visible, as well as for those who are first responders. The visibility of these overalls is achieved through the combination of fluorescent fabrics and reflective strips . If only fluorescent fabric is used, coveralls should only be used during daylight hours. High visibility overalls with reflective strips can also be used at night.

The purpose and function of overalls is now clear, but have you ever wondered what their name is? The answer is very simple.

2 - Why are work overalls so popular?

Overalls are clothes made to get dirty. This is a garment that covers the rest of your clothing . The first commercially made "overalls" were actually jeans with suspenders . It was a kind of waist-high overalls. The upper part of the work dungarees had to wait until the 1900s to arrive at this type of dungarees by connecting the pants and the shirt with suspenders that are hung directly on the bib.

Although they were designed to be overalls for men, they were also used as overalls for women and even children. Over time, the versatile use of overalls has grown and they are now present in many industries.

The different uses of overalls have led to different overall designs and different types of overalls . For example, overalls and overalls should not be confused. There is another definition of overalls. Some people think that overalls are connected clothing, bibs and suspenders communicate perfectly together giving many useful pockets to workers.

Work Overalls

3 - The Duck Egg Blue Cotton Overalls?

Instead of a simple dungarees, you will also hear the term "duck blue dungarees" . It is the type of dungarees with trousers, bib and suspenders, but made in a special duck fabric.

This cotton fabric which has a higher thread count than other fabrics. It is a type of plain weave canvas that is much softer to the touch than regular canvas, but with all the necessary durability and strength. Very famous in the professional world, the color is easy to maintain like a jeans.

These types of overalls are cited as versatile in their use, but they should not be used in situations where flame retardant properties are needed. These overalls are suitable for professions where minimal to moderate protection is required and their main purpose is to help protect garments against dirt and wear and tear by adding a practical aspect that has appealed to craftsmen.

Therefore, if you are interested in work overalls for different sectors, it is better to opt for cotton or denim overalls depending on the sector of trades, and even high visibility overalls.

If you want to know more about work overalls, contact us at the following address: contact@la-salopette.fr

Duck Egg Blue Cotton Overalls

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