The 5 Best Overalls for Farmers

Women are by no means one size fits all, and while a woman may very well want something that meets her needs , it will not include anything absurd, ill-fitting or feminine. But it still has to be functional and comfortable so that the work is done in the best conditions. Few places is this truer than when trying to find overalls for women farmers.

Think durability, ease of use and comfort. After all, if you don't like the way something fits and feels, you won't wear it. And having quality overalls can be a boon in some of the toughest conditions farmers and ranchers encounter. Some people outside of agriculture would be surprised to see a piece of clothing designed to get dirty. That's all the interest of these overalls!

Our writers and testers have tried all overalls in this list . We've put them through cattle testing and brutal winter weather conditions to determine our favorites, and we hope you'll agree that these are 5 of the best overalls for female farmers:

1 - Denim Overalls

These are not box-shaped men's overalls that have been repurposed. They are intentionally designed to complement a woman's figure, without sacrificing the functionality of coveralls. There are deep pockets galore. Accessible pockets - and functional! The fabric is very good, slightly stretchy - the dungarees move and follow your movements whatever the position in which you work. Fitted through the waist and thigh, relaxed through the calves and with plenty of room for boots. It features double reinforcement at the front of the thighs and back cuffs to minimize wear; flexible shoulder straps do not restrict movement; a buckle closure to put it on and take it off quickly.

What you thought:

"They're really awesome. Finding something that's both comfortable and good looking can be a huge challenge. These dungarees are well made, super cool, and look great, functional, loads of pockets, what more could you ask for? more ? "

"These overalls are amazing!! They are so comfortable and stretchy that I can bend over and crawl under my table saw without feeling anything pulling or pinching me. There are so many pockets and suspenders and I love the fact that the bib pocket has a zipper so that everything doesn't fall out when I go to the toilet".

"These are solid overalls. The material is thick, which is good for gardening. It fits well and the suspenders don't fall off when I'm shoveling. It's a good material for the constant abuse of dirt, for kneel and sit, but still comfortable. It will also be useful for working in my rose garden, because it will protect me from scratches from thorns. I chose overalls for gardening so that dirt does not fall easily in my pants or that the bugs don't get in and bite me".

Women's Denim Overalls

2 - Double Bib Overalls

This overalls set is made of cotton and of Spandex . It is available in different shades and machine washable for the different stains of dirt. Its elasticity allows you to move and offer you great freedom of movement . Other features include:

- Adjustable straps

- Large pocket on the multi-compartment bib with secure zipper

- Two lower waist pockets

What you thought:

"I wore these overalls for a week, during harvest season. I got covered in dirt and other liquids, but it worked perfectly."

"These are the most comfortable thing I've ever worn! They fit perfectly and I love all the pockets! I wish I lived somewhere colder so I could wear them every day!"

"I was looking for a lightweight yet durable dungarees for the upcoming season, these are perfect. I was surprised at how many compliments I received on them. They are stylish yet made for the job.

3 - Gardening Overalls

This product has zippered pant legs and removable knee pads, so it's quite versatile and customizable. In general, the whole line is designed to be easy to put on and take off over boots, or wearing work gloves. More features:

- Double bib with multi-compartment pockets, front and back, secure closure so you don't lose anything

- Large hidden inside pocket with zipper inside

- Deep tool pockets so you can move around without your tools falling out

- Durable elastic suspenders prevent "trapping" while working and heavy-duty plastic buckles, easy to adjust to working position.

What you thought:

"The fabric fits perfectly and is soft and comfortable. I thought the knee pads were a bit low until I got down on my knees and they fit perfectly under my knees and shins."

"It's big enough to layer up in cool weather and still allow plenty of movement. I love the removable knee pads and the amount and placement of the stretchy pockets and straps."

"These do their job. I wear them to cut brush and can wade chest deep in blackberry brambles without feeling any pain.

Gardening Overalls

4 - Overalls for DIY

You will probably enjoy the double tool pocket and the oversized chest pockets, ideal for putting all the tools you need to redo your living space as you wish, this large white overall is perfect to follow you in all your projects. If you have work to do on your farm then you need reliable and practical equipment, good overalls are essential for this. Here are some other highlights of this overall:

- Zipped pocket on the left hip

- Adjustable elastic bib suspenders

- Brass zipper on the leg with press stud

- Adjustable leg snaps

- Hammer loop

What you thought:

"Highly recommend buying these overalls if you work outside in cold weather."

"They got me through the minus 15 degree days on the farm. I love them! They fit great, fit great and have nice pockets."

"We had temperatures down to minus 20 below, but still had to work in the barn and with the cattle, and they kept me comfortable."

5 - Market Overalls

These dungarees were created with ease of movement in mind and revealing the true nature of your passion at your market stall. It's made from a lighter, basic and hard-wearing indigo denim in a breathable cotton weave that'll keep you comfortable even after a day on the go, perfect for taking the time to take care of all your stuff. It also has:

- Spacious pocket on the bib

- Pocket in the back of the bib, ideal when you wear your overalls with the bib detached.

- Multiple pockets on both legs to put down his calculator, pens and keys during your day.

What you thought:

"There is a feature that I did not expect: on the back of each legging, the fabric is doubled and thicker. Having often been used to the market, it is a very nice detail".

"Having all the pockets is really handy, especially when you're on a ladder and need something handy right away."

"The denim is lightweight and durable making it useful for most seasons. They seem to be well constructed and I think they will hold up over time."

Overalls in Denim Blue for the Market

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