Tops to Wear with Overalls!

Every time you open your closet, you come across your favorite overalls daring you to be worn. But then you wonder how to wear it for a style in tune with the times. You've come to the right place to find new ideas for exceptions.

Generally, we only use 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time, leaving aside many pieces that we are often too attached to part with. We can see that we always wear these pieces in the same way. So we can have the impression that there are no other ways to make original outfits and at the forefront of trends .

But there's always a new inspiration for an outfit you haven't thought of before, which makes your overalls look timeless and full of originality.

Here are some clothes that easily pair with Women's Denim Overalls to give you 4 new innovative outfits .

1 - Overalls + T-shirt

For an all-purpose look on all occasions , wear your favorite overalls with a plain T-shirt. You can also opt for a sleeveless t-shirt to play on an even more casual outfit, crop tops are also a great alternative. A pair of boots or sneakers, a yellow straw clutch and a scarf that are visually and stylistically bold. Glasses also have a remarkable presence to support a unique summer style.

Overalls with T-Shirt

2 - Overalls + Bomber

Overalls, flats, and a bomber jacket are all you need for a distinguished outfit . A thin patent leather belt will accentuate the waist and make the look more elegant. It is the ideal combination to be on top in all seasons. Don't forget a boho bag and a bandana in your hair for a total glamorous look !

Karlie Kloss in Dungarees and Bomber

Overalls with Floral Bomber

3 - Overalls + Shirt

A shirt and overalls, the perfect combination of 2 authentic garments that will give you an irresistible look . For an evening or a day at the office, play on a new style combining comfort and style. Original and in tune with the times, surprise your colleagues with the elegance of an outfit of which only you have the secret. Lumberjack-type check shirts are also an interesting alternative that can appeal, just like a large men's shirt for and derbies for an androgynous look that will have its effect around you!

Overalls with Shirt

4 - Overalls + Blazer

A classic blazer , your favorite overalls and your favorite handbag are enough. You can wear your dungarees with or without suspenders to play on a different style to the rhythm of your desires . It is a chic and elegant outfit. Pumps or flat shoes accompanied by an elegant bag accentuate your singular air making you even more beautiful. You can wear it anywhere, to go to work or to a gala evening with your friends.

Overalls with Blazer

So what do you think? Did you come up with any new ideas in any of the outfits above?

Let us know by email at the following address, it will be a pleasure to discuss it: contact@la-salopette.fr

There are still many ways to combine the dungarees with the clothes in your wardrobe, the timeless overalls that our grandparents proudly wore during work has become over time an essential piece to own to follow the latest streetwear trends.

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