The Best Work Overalls for Women

We love overalls, for their utility, sturdiness and good looks. And they also love them for their symbolism . Bib overalls mean you like to get your hands dirty and put your DIY side to the test. And for the people who make them, it's a source of pride. Building a beautiful overall that lasts a long time is an honor for our company. If you make work clothes, you need to be able to make overalls.

Knowing that countries love these garments and it's one of their favorite items to give as a useful gift , we've rounded up our collection of work overalls, worn them for about six weeks to help you find La Salopette that best suits you and meets your needs .

Cotton weaving

1 - Garment quality control

We tried different types of overalls, whether it was to go to the office or on a construction site . We have tried to use different types of dungarees, each proudly presenting their strengths but also their constraints. For this quality test we focused on different points such as: the materials used, the cleanliness of the seams and the constraints they may encounter in the different trades. That said, all of La Salopette in this test are well made and should serve well.

To start our test, we looked at each pair of dungarees. Next, we asked an experienced seamstress for advice on how to inspect them further . She told us that we should spend more time looking at the inside of the garments than the outside, because that's where manufacturers hide flap pocket construction, tight hems, and hasty serge (a serge is a type of sewing machine that binds fabric with an overlock stitch created with three or four different threads). She also advised us to wash the clothes to see what threads come out in the wash and whether or not La Salopette come out of the dryer well. We wash them and we inspect again each point seen previously. So far so good. We then turned them over to examine every pocket, strap, seam, hem, hook and eye, and rivet. We used a magnifying glass to closely examine the thread count and stitch quality inside the buttonholes and seams .

Sewing Jeans

2 - How we tested La Salopette

In addition to inspecting each bib for quality and construction, we did what anyone buying these products would do: we wore them . Day after day we wore overalls, sometimes several per day. We were doing yard work, repair projects and tool testing. We wore them to reception, to the office, and on errands to the sawmill. We judged them on fit, comfort, warmth, ease of movement, and how well the hardware (zippers, clasps, buckles, and straps ) worked. If you want to start a good DIY day, wear bib overalls. Honestly. People have fond nostalgic memories of them remembering the dungarees we all wore in our youth and will ask where you got them. It's funny. Here are 4 that are sure to surprise you:

1 - Urban Ikigai Style Denim Overalls

It is traditional and classic and can be worn on any occasion. It is of good quality and its manufacture is meticulous. It has triple needle stitching on the inside and outside of both legs, a traditional bib and pocket layout, a full cut through the hips and legs, nothing less. If your tastes lean towards the traditional and you want a dungaree you have confidence in and ease of movement, these would be a good choice.

Overalls Jean Ikigai

2 - Vintage Cowboy Union Overalls

It's one of our best-selling garments and one we're particularly proud of, and we can see why. It is equipped with small visible pockets on the front of its trousers, trousers with a 7/8 hem complete the distinguished finish of these overalls. It is so warm that it allows cold autumn mornings in total comfort. It is a versatile garment, which can be worn at all times. A final well thought-out detail that we appreciate are these straps, thin and discreet, they are ideal to accompany a black long-sleeved t-shirt. It is an ideal ally on all occasions!

Vintage Cowboy Overalls

3 - Sailor Classic Denim Overalls

The classic sailor denim dungarees inherit a strong character found in these seams and finishes. That heritage lives on in this heavyweight denim product. It has good build quality and its pre-wash makes it comfortable right out of the box; it also makes it a little easier to wash. The only small defect of this product and its authenticity, indeed the buckles of these suspenders, although robust, require a break-in and do not slip easily when they are new. But overall it's a well balanced piece of clothing, with deep pockets, triple stitching on the legs. If your tastes are traditional but you lean towards pre-washed denim, this should suit you perfectly.

Sailor Denim Overalls

4 - Milk White Long Dungarees Dress

It is a somewhat special adaptation of the dungarees that we are offering here. The dungarees dress is very popular in summer. Especially in offices, it brings a breath of fresh air to one of the most fashionable outfits in recent years. Select cotton and fine stitching give a smooth, confident feel that comes through when you wear it. A high quality minimalist style.

White Dungaree Dress

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