Wear Overalls at Christmas!

What are your clothing plans for the last period of 2021? Yes, you guessed correctly. Christmas is near , and there is a climate of excitement. People, especially children, are very excited about this event. In addition to spending on gifts and lights, you need to invest in something that highlights your outlook . And it's definitely an outfit. Without a comfortable and appropriate outfit, this end of the year will not have the same taste.

1 - Clothing considerations for this Christmas:

Christmas arrives in the bitter cold of December. Your outfit should be comfortable and warm depending on the season. Turtlenecks , woolen scarves and high boots are the best way to dress for Christmas. Jeans are also a possible choice. How about something different and fashionable at the same time?

Dungarees were THE trendy outfit of 2021 and will be for 2022 as well. You might be surprised to find that you can wear them as both formal and casual outfits.

Women's Christmas Overalls

2 - Why La Salopette?

Are you planning to add overalls to your wardrobe at the end of the year? You are in the perfect place! The most fantastic thing about overalls is restrained in its versatility. Summer, Autumn and Winter, overalls adapt to the seasons ! You can style it in different ways in any season. You can even just put on some overalls and get ready for the day. Here are some reasons why you should definitely opt for overalls.

A perfect outfit for winter:

La Salopette are the best winter outfit (paradoxically will you tell me?). A range of style choices makes it favorable among models and actors. In fact, overalls are one of their favorite street outfits . You can wear jackets, hoodies, trench coats under La Salopette to give it a fashionable look.

Comfortable and cozy:

Our body longs for cozy, cozy evenings by the fireplace with a cup of coffee in the winter. 🔥 And what could be more comfortable than overalls? It gives warmth to the body and is easy to wear. You feel comfortable when you work and you don't have to worry about what to wear.

Easy to manipulate :

Are you inviting your family members over for Christmas dinner? 🍴 Your outfit should be easy for you to wear and shouldn't be too fancy for work. The jumpsuit is easy to wear . It creates no obstacle to your work. In overalls, you will be comfortable working in the kitchen. But don't forget to attach an apron to protect your clothes from splashes.

A casual and formal look at the same time:

Don't worry if you're home for the end of the year. Overalls are the best outfit to adopt. Whether you are at home or invited to a lunch or a party, La Salopette are suitable for both a casual and a formal look . Your choice of shirt, jacket or coat, jewelry and shoes will decide which event you attend. 👟

A surprise for friends:

On Christmas Eve, it is essential to gather family and friends. 🎄 And dressing up for special dinners is something you need to be careful about. Instead of jeans, long skirt or coat, La Salopette will be a surprise for your friends, because it is a different and unique style of dress. A simple white t-shirt can become a fashion item because enhanced by the denim jacket !

3 - 7 ways to wear overalls at Christmas:

Here are some ideas for wearing overalls:

Overalls with the trench coat:

Trench coats give a trendy look with overalls . If you're going to a family dinner, wear a black, gray or cream trench coat. You can also opt for an oversized trench coat. You can button it up, but the open trench coat is probably best. It will make this Christmas memorable for you and in theme! 🎅🏼

Turtleneck with overalls:

Try the turtleneck with overalls in December. Turtlenecks are already everyone's favorite in winter, but wearing them with overalls will change your whole look. Pro tip: wear a green turtleneck with blue overalls ; believe me, it will make you happy.

The Velvet Dungarees:

Velvet clothes are warm for winters. ❄️ You can find velvet overalls for Christmas and combine a light t-shirt underneath or with a gray or cream sweatshirt. Try it with pumps, and you're ready for Christmas. 🎄

Velvet Overalls

Self-printed overalls:

You can add jumpsuits with funky style patterns to your wardrobe. A brightly colored shirt will go perfectly with this type of overalls. It will give you a very trendy and colorful look.

Striped shirts with overalls:

There is no need to wear red at Christmas. You can opt for light and warm tones. The striped sweatshirt is the best option with overalls. Blue and black are the most common dungaree colors. With striped shirts, the choices are many. You can choose the color that suits you best. To give yourself a little nonchalant touch, make sure a strip is missing.

Enhance your look with a fur collar leather jacket:

Glam up your look with a fur collar leather jacket over your outfit. Both urban and rural, the fur collar adapts perfectly to the seasons and is easy to combine!

Wear a Scarf with the Jumpsuit

A scarf is essential in cold and snowy weather. There is a wide variety of woolen scarves in online stores.
- Checkered
- Checkered
- United
You can wear it elegantly around your neck. Match the color tones with the shirt and La Salopette for a coherent and stylish outfit at the same time.

Essential Accessories!

You are at home or you are going to friends for Christmas dinner, add accessories with your overalls . A chain, a hat or a mitten and you're done! The Salopette is not a conformist garment, you can have fun and really wear what you like.

Overalls with beret

The Shoes 👟:

The advantage of wearing dungarees is that you can pair them with any shoe. But for the winters, you can opt for:
- Ankle-high boots
- Knee high boots
- Moccasins
- White sneakers
- If you are daring, opt for stiletto heels.

The Handbag that goes with it! 👛

A handbag is an essential feminine accessory . You can wear the latter with La Salopette:
- Padded bag
- Shoulder Bag
- A fancy clutch for a party.

Wear your favorite jewel 💍:

Don't bother with too much jewelry. For an event like Christmas, an elegant jewel is enough. Here are some jewelry ideas:
- Small Gold Earring
- Bracelets
- Multi-layered collars
- Simple gold plated rings

The hat (Bonus):

Red or white colored stocking caps are so cute at Christmas. Don't forget to grab one from Santa's stocking caps as a keepsake. 🎅🏼

The Adequate Hairstyle ✂️:

Besides accessories, one factor that adds punch to your personality is your hairstyle. A proper hairstyle will give you a modern look with overalls . You can try some of these hairstyles with overalls for Christmas:
- Open hair with bangs
- Boyish cut ("Ocean waves")
- Slightly wavy Long Bob
- Open and messy hair.

On a lighter note, always choose accessories and colors to match your personality . Whether it's Christmas, Easter or any other event, always opt for color tones and accessories that highlight your look and personality. 👖

4 - Conclusion:

At gatherings and gift exchanges, dungarees are an ideal outfit for Christmas . Not only are they warm and cozy, but they also give an exotic look. A turtleneck with overalls and an oversized coat with sneakers is the best combination for Christmas . The choice of color is yours. So, are you going to try La Salopette for Christmas?

Santa Claus

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