Renew your Wardrobe with a Vintage Overalls

1 - Renew your wardrobe

To start, you need to know the number of pieces to replace when renewing your wardrobe, base yourself on this number of pieces so you will avoid cluttering yourself with clothes. As Marie Kondo says it so well in his books " The magic of storage " And " Ranger: The Spark of Happiness ", sorting out your wardrobe and these many clothes allows you to flourish with new styles.

Do you often tell yourself that you often wear the same clothes? It is then time to update your wardrobe . Open your closet. Inspect each hanger, and rediscover what you no longer wear. If you bought something, whether it was last season or last year, you probably liked that outfit at some point but today it's no longer obvious to you. So why don't you wear it as often anymore? You probably forgot that smart blue sweater or that denim overalls highlighting your silhouette so well. Don't be afraid to look at what you already have with a new outlook . Toss your clothes on the bed, then try them on again. See if you can coordinate old things in a new way.

Changing something about an outfit can almost make it look new. Tired of your old pants? Why not consider new overalls ? Is it time to change your style? Small changes, even subtle ones, can give the impression that you are wearing something new and can pleasantly surprise those around you. Why not add a trendy item, like the Celia vintage brown skirt dungarees or the Vintage dungarees Press Mode ? Just adding a few new pieces to your current closet can make a splash in your closet.

Vintage Overalls

Does everything in your closet come from the same three or four stores? Try shopping in a place you don't usually visit. Research independent brands and designers like Asphalt or large renowned brands that are increasingly bringing the old charm back to the . Discovering new trendy places can even make you want to walk around the malls or shopping districts you usually frequent.

Just adding a novelty or two can completely change your look. Don't forget the impact a hat or accessory can have on your overalls and your usual t-shirts. Accessorizing your closet can help you embrace a new style.

Vintage Overalls with Bandana

2 - Vintage Overalls

Old pieces have a unique charisma that makes them timeless. There are many of our parents' clothes that we find outdated and then come back to the fore 10 years later! The pleasure of hunting for the rare pearl in a flea market or a thrift store to find the dungarees of your dreams, gives a particular flavor to this type of clothing. We have decided to present our selection of Vintage Dungarees for women, inspired by the many bargain-hunting experiences of our stylists.

As we often say, it was better before, but the little pleasures we treat ourselves to allow us to take full advantage of every present moment. In a society that revolves around ever-changing trends, it's a relief to own original pieces that stand the test of time. Vintage and retro clothing is built to last. They can adapt to changes in fashion trends, making them the perfect long-term addition to your wardrobe.

Vintage Sapporo Overalls

3 - How to match a Vintage Overalls to your Style

Each piece of your wardrobe, whether new or old, offers you many alternatives. It is certain that some of these timeless pieces have the potential to adapt to fashion trends and our personal mood.

This is where La Salopette comes out on top, timeless and always put forward by the great couturiers during their parades. She has accompanied generations on a daily basis and it is not ready to end. It can be worn in so many different ways that it is an essential to have in your wardrobe to enjoy again and again beautiful evenings or a few mornings of exceptional relaxation. We can marry La Salopette with all styles: artists, professionals, skaters, streetwear and many others. Do you remember the first time you wore this chainmail? Why not give it a second chance?

Use them again in a whole new setting! Here are some ideas you should enjoy!

Use a silk shawl to cover your shoulders or wrap around a suspender, as accessories for your overalls .

Use the scarves given to you by your aunts to decorate a ponytail or wear a beautiful straw hat to add character to a bohemian style.

Jumpsuit with Boho Hat

Wear these beautiful velvet overalls , the one you wore when you were young by the fireplace of your grandparents.

Shorten his pants with a hem to show off your latest shoes or play on his cut to play on the casual and trendy styles in vogue.

This is how you will start to hunt down rare timeless pieces and put together a wardrobe worthy of the biggest stars with outfits that will leave no one indifferent.

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