Does a Vintage Clothing have Value?

Is your closet full? Do you have vintage clothes that you no longer need? Selling clothes online is a great way to free up space and bring in some extra cash. Here are some tips to help you determine if your old clothes are valuable.

1 - Determine if your Clothes are Vintage

Authentic clothing from the 1960s or earlier may be worth more than clothing from later decades, depending on its quality and whether or not modern consumers want to wear that style, and yes, one has to do so based on demand. In addition to clothing from the 60s and earlier, designer clothing from any era can be valuable to collectors . If you purchased the garment yourself and know when it was made, you can easily determine whether or not it is considered vintage. On the other hand, for clothes that entered your wardrobe later, you may need to do an additional examination to determine the age before you can get an appraisal of the garment.

60s clothing

1.1 - Manufacturing

Authentic clothing from before the 1960s often includes metal zippers , side zippers , hem bias tape, and pink stitching. If a garment has invisible zippers, it is likely a more recent reproduction.

1.2 - Texture

There is often a difference in texture between ancient and modern clothing. Although this one is difficult to determine, if you are new to vintage clothing appraisals, you will be able to feel the difference with the touch. If you have clothes that you know are vintage, try to feel the difference between them and modern fabrics.

1.3 - Color

Colors that were fashionable decades ago are often different from those that are fashionable today. If the garment is an unlikely color , it is more likely to be authentic vintage . Many reproductions choose modern colors with vintage styles to give items a more contemporary feel.

1.4 - Label

A care and fabric content label is a telltale sign of a newer garment, as care instructions were not common until the 1970s . At the other end of the timeline, a union label printed in blue suggests that the garment is truly vintage since most recent union labels have a combination of red and blue text.

Vintage Clothing Label

1.5 - The Country of Origin

Most vintage clothes were made in the United States or imported from France 🇫🇷 , Italy or Hong Kong. If a garment was made in China, it's probably newer.

2 - Determine the quality of the Garment

Most antique clothing has been worn, and many collectors accept that the fabrics are slightly damaged . However, if the garment has stains or large holes, it may not be worth much in an honest appraisal of the garment. If you are unsure, always check with an appraiser before donating. The more elegant the item, the more likely it is to be valuable. Unique designs can also increase the value of a garment.

3 - Don't forget the Vintage Accessories

Accessories such as handbags, totes, and shoes can also have great value . Designer brands age particularly well, and often have collectible value, regardless of era. Just like vintage clothing, the condition of items is important , but don't assume that minor wear or damage means the item can't be of value. An appraiser is always in the best position to determine the value of your items.

4 - Vintage Overalls

How to talk about vintage clothing without mentioning the Vintage Salopette . Right in the heart of fashion, here it is, making a name for itself and coming back stronger than ever. With its history and its political symbolism , overalls are above all a protest garment that supported workers in May 1969. Today its casual style is more involved in fashion than used as a tool of protest. La Salopette is now over 150 years old! What to unearth the oldest and afford a vintage collection that has value over time.

Vintage Overalls

4.1 Vintage Objects

Obviously it is not easy to determine since when an object is considered "vintage", because it is not quite a synonym of old. Vintage must impose itself in the spirit of the times , by fashion, demand or its price increase. Some moms give a piggy bank for their children , hoping to see it increase in value. It's a technique that pays off when you know that Michael Jackson's teenage shirt sold for €200,000. Some children's items such as comforters, tops, or toys can increase in value over time, rarity plays a key role in assessing the value of the object.

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