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The Blue Overalls 💙

The blue dungarees have many trendy and hipster- looking variants! Timeless, overalls are soon celebrating their 70th anniversary of great success and bring with them their share of history and evolution through the ages. In blue cotton, it fits more with the theme of working at home or outdoors 🌳 . The Denim Overalls sometimes offers a vintage Blue Jean which takes us back to the glorious 90s. At that time, Will Smith proudly wore his denim overalls at the waist and was already talking about his love for this very particular and protesting garment. For work at home or to go bowling with colleagues, the blue overalls are back!

La Salopette en Jean, quite a story! 👖

Blue jean overalls first appeared in India in the 17th century, where the fabric used to make sturdy, inexpensive workwear was called "Dungri", the Hindi name of the Indian village that produced this hardwearing fabric. By default, when the English bought the fabric to make work trousers, they took the name "Dungri" and added a British touch by naming the fabric " dungaree ".
In 1853, the bib and the trousers unite to form the first overalls in " denim " fabric. This one was designed by Levi Strauss and his business partner Jacob Davis. This new form of clothing was ideal for heavy work and, thanks to the bib , it allowed the carrying of tools and eliminated the need for belts. They were so popular throughout America that they quickly became the standard henchman's clothing . They were even color-coded according to the wearer's profession: hickory stripe for railroad workers, white for painters, and different shades of blue for the rest of the working class. The denim dungarees were born, they will still know many successes until today! 💙

The Psychology of Blue

Blue is the color of peace and harmony, the color of maturity, rationality, precision, abilities, high values. It is also the color of trust, honesty and loyalty.

In terms of color, psychological blue is reliable and indicates inner security and confidence.

It is idealistic, improves our expression and our ability to communicate, which can inspire higher ideals. Blue's wisdom comes from his higher degree of intelligence, spiritual perspective, devotion, religion.

She is conservative and predictable. It is nostalgic: living in the past, joining all the present and the future in the experience of the past. It's in perfect harmony with the blue dungarees and their vintage spirit!