Neoprene Waders

Breathable waders for fishing 🎣

Breathable waders are a popular choice for anglers because they allow airflow to prevent overheating, while providing protection from the elements . Made from lightweight materials like neoprene or polyester, these waders are water resistant while remaining breathable and comfortable. The different layers of neoprene also keep the body warm if the water is cold. A master in the field, the Men's Waders are a gem of craftsmanship! They feature rubber boots for extra grip in slippery fishing environments. Breathable waders are particularly suitable for warm water fishing or for anglers who prefer a lighter fit.

Breathable waders for hunting 🌳

Made from lightweight materials such as nylon or polyester, Neoprene Waders have established themselves as a must-have for the properly equipped hunter. In the forest, it is essential to feel good to avoid mistakes. The protection offered by waders is perfectly suited for this type of activity. Covered from head to toe, the hunting overalls also have tactical pockets on the bib, ideal for storing tools or traps. Boots or slippers are integrated into the pants.