The essential fishing overalls

Fishing Overalls: Ode to its versatility

Fishing overalls, often underestimated but nevertheless essential , are much more than just clothing for fishing enthusiasts . It embodies the perfect fusion of functionality and comfort, providing anglers with unparalleled protection from the elements while allowing them to fully concentrate on their passion. In the mud, with your feet in the water, it will protect your underwear and is essential for crossing a pond.

1.1 An ally against the elements

Whether you face the spray of rough sea fishing or venture onto the muddy banks of a river, fishing overalls are your first defense against the vagaries of nature. It protects against splashes, strong winds and even sudden downpours, ensuring a more enjoyable and secure fishing experience. 🐟

1.2 Comfort for hours of fishing

Imagine stalking pike in a secluded pond or watching for salmon in a rushing river. In such situations, comfort is paramount . The fishing overalls, with their breathable fabrics and ergonomic cuts, keep you comfortable for hours , giving you all the concentration you need to catch that much-desired fish. 🎣

2. Technical part of our Fishing Overalls

To meet the specific needs of fishermen, the fishing overalls are equipped with many technical features that set them apart from other outdoor clothing. Beyond the tactical pockets on the hips, torso, or legs, the fishing overalls are designed to allow plenty of room for movement. Both loose and waterproof, it is often the answer to the wettest afternoons !
Sailor Overalls

2.1 Waterproofing and breathability

Waterproofing is an essential criterion for any fishing overall worthy of the name. Modern materials provide waterproof protection while allowing body moisture to escape, preventing the unpleasant feeling of damp during long fishing sessions. The sailor's overalls are the perfect example, their loose look offers a loose denim fabric that resists infiltration. 💧

2.2 Pockets and storage

Good fishing overalls are equipped with multiple pockets and storage, strategically placed for easy access to essential accessories such as lures, fishing knives and measuring tools. Some models even go so far as to integrate rod holders for maximum practicality. No more hooks that disappear when you want to change them. Your bib necessarily allows for well-thought-out and multi-tasking storage ! 💙

3. When Overalls make the difference

The versatility of fishing overalls proves particularly useful in unconventional or extreme fishing situations. In a river, it provides the necessary resistance to withstand the assaults of the current !

3.1 Deep water fishing

Imagine yourself on board a boat in the middle of the ocean, in search of giant tuna or impressive marlins. In such conditions, sturdy, spray-resistant fishing overalls become your best friend, protecting you from incessant splashes and strong winds. Some overalls have real denim hooks on the sides , enough to hang on the railing if the winds become too violent. 💨

3.2 Ice fishing

Anglers who brave frozen waters to stalk fish under the ice know how crucial proper protection is. Insulating fisherman's overalls , combined with appropriate thermal layers, guarantee comfort and safety in the most extreme winter conditions. Some of our hunting overalls offer polyester layers to keep the body warm.🧊

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