Wear the White Dungarees!

You might be wondering how to wear white overalls . Let me tell you, it's not as hard as you think! If this is your first time wearing white overalls, there are some things to consider before rushing out to buy one, such as how to wear a shirt with overalls, what shoes to wear with white pants, and how tie a scarf around your neck. These tips will help you think outside the box and wear cute white overalls consistently.

1 - What is an Overalls?

Overalls, also called overalls or workwear, are designed to be worn from the feet up to the waist . La Salopette are usually made of denim, and the pants and shirt are combined in one piece, with no apparent separation between the two parts. For this reason, overalls look a bit like pants with a bib . Overalls became popular casual wear for both men and women, especially among farmers, laborers, and other blue-collar workers.

Overalls have been around for a long time and their origins date back to the 16th century, when sailors first wore them in Europe. The English word “overall” is derived from the French word “ouvrier”, which means “worker”. Later, in the 19th century, this type of clothing became more common among farmers, who used it to protect their coveralls from dirt and stains when working in the fields or caring for their animals.

2 - The Steps for Wearing the White Overalls!

Find your White Dungarees:

The first step is to find overalls that work for you and your wardrobe. When choosing overalls, take into account the length of the trouser legs, the width of the hips and the dress style at the top. There are few quality stores capable of offering you dungarees worthy of the name, which is why La Salopette has brought together the best light dungarees available on the market for you!

Find a suitable Top:

If you're daring enough to take on the challenge of wearing white overalls, you should probably opt for an equally eye-catching top. To balance out the boldness of white pants, try pairing it with a pastel-colored shirt . However, avoid solid colors. You want the shirt to be more interesting than La Salopette themselves. The stripes are perfect with overalls and add fun texture to the outfit. Hemlines come in all lengths, so don't feel like you have to stick to above-the-knee shirts. Make sure the shirt you choose is made of a breathable material to avoid adding heat or sweating (which isn't ideal let's face it). Make sure the shirt you choose is not too short! If you opt for skirt overalls, avoid socks that are too long, this type of pairing does not correspond to the general idea that the outfit is supposed to free up, it would be preferable for the top and the bottom to complement each other well.

Find your right pair of shoes:

You can wear overalls with any type of shoe except sandals because you would look weird if you wore sandals with suspender pants. You can wear any shoe with overalls, whether flat, heeled, boot or otherwise. For example, a pair of white sneakers will do just fine. In a more streetwear style, you could opt for Nike Air 95 style sneakers or classic white Roshe Cortez .

The right haircut:

Wear your hair down or in a ponytail, depending on where you'll be wearing your white denim overalls. A top knot or a messy bun also suits this outfit. Be original and show your taste for fashion through a cut that matches both your outfit and your personality! ✂️

The white scarf:

If you are going out at night or need to go somewhere formal, it would be good to add a final finishing touch. A white scarf tied around your neck is a great way to dress up your look and give it authentic style without overdoing it at once. With this outfit, you will look trendy while knowing how to keep it simple with a zest of chic at the end of the day.

The right season:

Most people like to wear their white dungarees during the summer months , but you don't have to wait for sunny days to wear them! I like to wear white overalls in spring and fall . It's sunny enough to walk outside, and cold enough for you to adapt your style to the temperature, for example by wearing a turtleneck sweater underneath.

Good accessories:

Overalls can be stylish or not depending on how you accessorize them. You can wear your favorite pair of boots with white overalls and a v-neck t-shirt, or throw on some cute flats and a hat. Overall, you'll want your look to stay on-trend while keeping it classy. You can for the most "DARK" of you place chains at the waist for a really interesting gothic / streetwear effect.

White Short Overalls

2 - What are the good opportunities?

Overalls are mainly used by gardeners due to their loose style, but they can also be used as winter or summer outerwear for working in fields or farmland. It is also used by farmers as traditional dress during harvest seasons and even as casual dress during lean seasons.

Today, overalls are commonly worn by many people, especially those in certain types of jobs where they need to protect themselves and avoid wearing too much clothing that would make them feel uncomfortable or even overheat.

Overalls for Children:

Young children also wear overalls from birth . It is considered the most accessible garment to wear and the most comfortable . Children who are still learning to walk can hang on to the suspenders of La Salopette more easily. They are also easy to change and make potty training easier. All in all, they are a favorite with children and parents.

The White Dungarees for Women:

This simple outfit is a classic look that brings out your feminine side the best . The white dungarees set is an effortless addition to your everyday life. It's perfect for work or play, and will keep you cool on those hot summer days . This outfit can be worn with various other pieces, making it the perfect choice for your wardrobe.

The White Dungarees for Work:

White overalls are a type of clothing used for work and leisure. Overalls offer comfort , style and durability . In the past, white overalls were commonly worn by farmers and miners, but today they are worn by people in a wide range of occupations. All in all, you can find it in different styles and materials, depending on your tastes and preferences.

A snug fit is essential to show off your figure when wearing white overalls, but it shouldn't be too tight or too baggy . The best way to ensure the fit is correct is to keep the following tips in mind:

1 - The dungarees must fit you perfectly , with no extra space at the waist. If there is extra space, the fabric will make crinkling noises as you move around. Also, you will look smaller than you are.

2 - Overalls should be long enough to cover your shoes when standing up straight, but also should not be too long, as they may be uncomfortable to walk on, as they may snag on stones or debris. other objects in your path. If you are short in stature, it is better to buy overalls that have adjustable straps to tighten the waistbands to get a better fit.

White Dungarees for Women

The White Dungarees to relax:

There are many outfits you can consider wearing when walking in a natural space , but few look as good as white overalls for walking . This comfortable and hard-wearing garment is available in bib and thigh-high overall styles, so everyone can enjoy it.

Tall women are especially fond of these overalls for walking because they make them look taller than they are. Overall shorts are also very suitable for petite women, as they hide their short legs and make them look longer.

Walking in white overalls is also practical during hunting seasons because it helps hunters find their way easily in the woods and avoid tragedies. It's essential for those who don't want to wear bright orange vests, which can attract the attention of animals not used to seeing humans in the wild.

White overalls are also a practical choice of clothing for walking in brushy areas or fields, as they provide better protection than regular clothing. They have several pockets that can store everything you want , from small snacks to GPS devices, cell phones and more.

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Bonjour comme vous le dites c’est vrai que les sandales tasses un peu les jeans moi je portent plus des salopettes avec une paire de bottines, ou des baskets et des robes avec des sandales c’est plus jolie quand même enfin c’est une histoire de Goût, mais c’est vrai que d’avoir des salopettes s’est comme avoir des jeans ou des robes, c’est super pratique aussi

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