White Overalls

The White Overalls ☁️

The sober and perfectly trendy side of the white dungarees gives it a unique style and clearly makes it timeless . Easy to match, it suits all body types and goes perfectly with colored tops that contrast with the white color of the dungarees . In shorts, jeans or organic cotton, La Salopette® offers a wide choice of light overalls ideal for showcasing you and imposing your taste for fashion .

The Different Materials 🔬

Our white overalls are available in several categories:
White cotton dungarees : Light and hand-sewn, organic cotton is a significant asset for the garment. The coat benefits from great suppleness and unparalleled softness. The recycling of organic cotton overalls respects strict and respectful environmental standards.
White denim overalls : Both trendy and vintage, the white denim overalls are constantly evolving and offer a new cut every year. This year, it's the Short B lanche Dungarees that takes the prize for success! 🏆
White polyester dungarees : The white polyester dungarees are finely woven and provide all the comfort you expect, the properties of elastane and polyester are amazing. The combination of the two microfibers offers quick drying, without deformation and without fraying. ❄️

The Psychology of White ⬜️

White is the color of perfection . It is the color of clarity and it is a mixture of the three wavelengths of natural colors in sunlight: red, blue and green.

Its meaning is purity , innocence, wholeness and completion.

It does not encourage emotions but opens new paths. It is the color of new beginnings. It awakens openness, growth and creativity, and embodies purity.

It is the color of protection and encouragement that provides a sense of peace and tranquility, comfort and hope. It creates a sense of order and efficiency. Worn over overalls , white becomes radiant and contrasts with its simplicity.