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The History of Men's Jean Overalls 👖

On May 20, 1873, San Francisco businessman Levi Strauss and Reno, Nevada tailor Jacob Davis received a patent to create work pants reinforced with metal rivets, marking the birth of one of the most famous clothes in the world: blue jeans.
Strauss brought Davis to San Francisco to oversee the first factory to manufacture " waist overalls ", as the original jeans were called. At first they employed seamstresses working from home, but by the 1880s Strauss had opened his own factory. The famous 501 brand jeans quickly became a bestseller, and the company grew rapidly. In the 1920s, Levi's waist-length denim overalls were the best-selling men's workwear in France and the United States. Over the decades, the craze has only grown, and today, denim overalls are worn and loved by men young and old all over the world. 🌍

The Denim Overalls and its Production 🔨

Denim jeans as we know them today were created during the Gold Rush in 19th century America, when Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss used the material to create rugged pants that could withstand hard work. strengths. Today, denim jeans have been a fashion staple for over 150 years and have evolved from work trousers to a fashion statement, with luxury and designer brands becoming a significant force in the market. .
One of the most important steps during the production of overalls is to ensure that the noble materials we use guarantee unique fit and comfort over time. It is a durable garment and designed to accompany you throughout your adventures, composed of modern textile fiber , its denim cotton weave is light and breathable covers our different overalls, whether it is a regular, oversize or slim fit , we guarantee you exceptional pleasure every time you put on your favorite dungarees! 👖

Essential in terms of fashion and ethics, the Overalls in Jean or Denim have imposed themselves in the dressing rooms of our favorite DIY enthusiasts . Fashion lover or full-time worker, its double facet still offers us many surprises more than 80 years after its invention.

What color of overalls to choose? 🌈

Indeed, if you work, denim overalls will be your main choice. Yes, but now, which one to choose? And why ?

Style lover, your vintage or hipster side wants to come back to life? With classic black dungarees or colored Kawaii style, you will highlight your rebellious and out-of-the-box side! Like Coluche, shake up thoughts and morals with suitable and fashionable clothing on top of that!

Today, one can see dungarees with finer fabrics, better tailoring , tighter silhouettes and a chic look, compared to the original denim dungarees that once served as overalls. Despite the working-class roots of the dungarees, if you want to wear it with an elegant look , it is better to wear a pair that is tighter and in tune with current fashion trends compared to the original silhouette of this working-class overall. This will easily highlight your pair of sneakers and your top, don't forget accessories such as watches or hats that accentuate this elegant style.

The original colors with turquoise, pink, orange hues give personality and the possibility of playing on many styles , from the most urban to the most offbeat. For an even more casual, but still stylish look, pair your dungarees with a simple tight shirt underneath, and some casual, but not too sporty sneakers. For the summer season, you can also opt for a Short Overalls , it dresses just as well as the traditional denim overalls and will allow you to fully enjoy your summer vacation! ☀️
Are you more classic and without overdoing it? The Blue Jean Dungarees are versatile and adapt perfectly to all types of situation. At work, at a vernissage or for a drink on the terrace, this must-have is immortal. By standing the test of time, the dungarees are a durable piece of clothing that you can keep for many years to come!