Overalls Pink

The Pink Overalls 💗

Girly without overdoing it, pink dungarees are THE trend for this year 2021. Kawaii dungarees, in denim or in fabric, pink overalls adhere perfectly to the vintage spirit of the 2000s. Worn with a white top and light sneakers, the pink dungarees are the perfect ally for drinks on the terrace and evenings on the beach! ☀️

The Different Materials 🔬

Our pink overalls are available in several categories:
Pink cotton dungarees : Light and hand-sewn, organic cotton is a non-negligible asset for the garment. The coat benefits from great suppleness and unparalleled softness. The recycling of organic cotton overalls respects strict and respectful environmental standards.
Pink denim overalls : We no longer need to introduce you to the pink denim overalls , their "fashionista" and girly temperament recalls the trend of the 90's and offers all the necessary charm to those who know how to approach it. Genuine denim is supple and durable.
Pink polyester dungarees : The pink polyester dungarees are finely woven and bring all the comfort you expect, the properties of elastane and polyester are amazing. The combination of two micro-fibers offers quick drying, without deformation and without fraying. Convenient !

The Psychology of Pink 🌸

The pink is the color of love , warmth and tenderness. He is romantic, loving and intimate, thoughtful and caring. It elicits empathy and sensitivity, and represents compassion, care and love. It refers to unconditional love and understanding, as well as giving and receiving.
The color pink is a combination of red and white. It contains the need to act from the red. And the possibility of success with some sight inside the blank. The passion and power of red and the purity, openness and completeness of white. The darker the pink, the more passionate and energetic it is.
The psychology of pink gives a sign of hope. It is a positive color which inspires warmth and soothing emotions.