The fabulous Work Overalls

In the vast world of manual trades, each craftsman, whether a lumberjack, plumber, or welder, faces unique challenges specific to their work environment. These professionals, often faced with demanding and sometimes dangerous conditions, deserve equipment that not only protects them, but also optimizes their performance. Among the most underrated but essential pieces of equipment is work overalls .

Work overalls are not just a piece of clothing; it is modern armor for modern-day warriors, the artisans who shape, repair, and build our daily world. It is designed to offer superior protection , support unhindered mobility and provide maximum functionality with strategically placed pockets and compartments for essential tools and equipment. But work overalls don't just meet these practical needs – they are also a symbol of the craftsman's professional identity , a mark of their commitment and hard work.

At La Salopette , we understand that each profession has its own requirements, and that is why we offer a diverse range of overalls specially designed to suit each sector of activity. From cut resistance essential for a lumberjack, to protection against oils for mechanics, to waterproofing for plumbers, every detail of our overalls is designed to improve the daily professional life of those who wear them.

An Overalls for Every Job: Discover Your Ally at Work

1 - The Lumberjack Overalls: Extreme and Durable 🪓

For the lumberjack, working means facing the natural elements and the dangers of powerful machines. Our overalls are equipped with Kevlar reinforcements to prevent accidental cuts by chainsaws. They also offer multiple sturdy pockets to store your essential tools such as axes and tape measures, while ensuring optimal mobility for climbing and working safely. In its brown corduroy, the Bucheron Overalls resist the most intense efforts, while remaining light to avoid heatstroke. With its adjustable straps , it will be difficult to get the size wrong!

Lumberjack Overalls

2 - The Plumber's Overalls: The right tip! 🪠

The plumber needs overalls that follow his movements in confined spaces and protect against moisture . Our water-repellent overalls with reinforced seams provide protection against splashes while incorporating special pockets for wrenches and other tools. The ergonomic cut ensures unparalleled freedom of movement to access the most difficult areas. With its light faded denim , rust or moisture stains are more discreet, the fabric is designed to remain flexible, because we know the tendency of plumbers to lean into the tightest places, in this sense, The Jean Glacier Plumber Overalls are what you need!

3 - Construction Overalls : Foolproof security 👷‍♂️

On construction sites, visibility and resistance are crucial. Our overalls are made with abrasion and tear resistant fabrics, ideal for construction environments. They are designed with large, accessible pockets to keep meters, levels, and smartphones secure and within reach. Often designed in robust denim, it is above all a great ally to resist efforts while remaining protected from excess heat. For example, our Construction Overalls collection will definitely give you the combination you've been dreaming of for a long time!

Blue Construction Overalls

4 - The Mechanic's Overalls : against oils and fluids 💦

For mechanics, resistance to oils and fluids is essential. Our overalls are made with materials that repel oils to keep your skin and other clothing clean. The designs incorporate strategic hand tool pockets , providing impeccable organization and quick access during under-the-hood or garage repairs. Whether you're revitalizing a dying Renault 5 or changing a worn timing belt, our Mechanic Overalls are ideally designed to tackle the toughest mechanical challenges. ⛓️

5 - The Welder's Overalls : Fireproof and Comfortable 🧑‍🏭

For the welder, protection against sparks and heat is non-negotiable. Our flame-retardant overalls provide maximum safety, while ensuring the comfort and mobility needed to work long hours. They have insulated pockets for safely storing fire starters, measuring tapes, and other small essential tools. Loops and rear pockets enhance practicality, putting all your essential tools within easy reach, whether you're working with a torch or an electric arc. The Brown Welder's Overalls provide exceptional freedom of movement and durability, allowing you to work comfortably and efficiently. ✨

6 - The Fisherman's Overalls, Agricultural or for Gardeners 🪴

Whether in the fields, at sea or in the garden, working with nature requires clothing that can withstand the elements while providing the comfort needed for long days. Our work overalls for these professions are designed with fabrics resistant to water, sun, and earth , with adjustments that support repetitive and tiring movements. Large, accessible pockets keep seeds, gardening tools, or fishing gear close at hand.

Work Overalls


At the heart of every manual profession, from the dense forest with the lumberjack to the noisy workshop of the mechanic, the work overalls stand as a pillar of support for professionals. It doesn’t just provide a protective layer; it amplifies the craftsman's ability to operate with precision, safety, and comfort. At our specialist overall boutique , we designed our overalls with a deep understanding of the unique challenges of each profession. Each model is a fusion of technology and functionality, ensuring that every craftsman is perfectly equipped to face their daily life , whether it's chopping logs, welding metals, or plunging their hands into the innards of a machine. 🔧

We explored how specific features like cut resistance for loggers, waterproofing for plumbers, or oil resistance for mechanics are not just niceties, but necessities. La Salopette in our collection are more than workwear; they are constant companions, designed to increase productivity and reduce the risk of injury. ⚠️

Investing in high quality work overalls is therefore essential, not only for safety and comfort, but also for confidence and performance. They allow our artisans to focus on what they do best, with the confidence that their outfit works as hard as they do. This is our commitment at La Salopette: to provide clothing that is not only made to work, but made to last, to innovate, and to excel.

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